Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Day of Milestones

Although Madelyn can practically sprint along side the couches, she doesn't seem to want to walk on her own. So yesterday (only FIVE months after pulling herself up) she took her first steps. We knew that she could, so Rob put her in the middle of the room - and she took about five steps to him. She's taken a few more today, so hopefully she'll be full on walking by the time she's six.
Rob and I also had our first doctor visit for the new baby. He quickly found the heartbeat, and said we have an incredibly active and healthy child. He also said that the baby's heartbeat was high, and according to "baby mumbo jumbo" that would mean we're having another girl. Although nothing has been proven just yet, I've been saying "girl" all along. We'll let everyone know when we find out!

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