Thursday, July 31, 2008

Josh's Wedding

An old friend of mine got married yesterday, and I couldn't be more excited for him. Rob and I had such a great time at the reception, and I was able to see friends that I haven't seen in YEARS. Congratulations Josh and Sheila!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am such a sucker for the thought of "growing old together," and I'm fairly sure it doesn't get any more romantic than this. My grandparents celebrated thier 70th wedding anniversary last weekend, and are still so much in love. Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa! We love you SO much and are so grateful for all that you've done for us.
Seriously, how cute are THEY??

My dad, and my Aunt Linda...can you see the resemblance??

Monday, July 28, 2008

For Stefanie

My darling friend, Stefanie, is constantly giving me grief about "not showing." I was actually starting to believe her until I put on this non-maternity shirt. It looked like I was going to bust out of the seams at any moment.

As of today, I am officially 25 weeks along - according to my latest ultrasound. At my appointment this morning, the doctor pulled out the old measuring tape to measure my belly - and said (and I QUOTE) "Woah! You really popped over the last couple of weeks." Then realizing how it sounded he said, "Not that there's any problem with that - you're not measuring TOO big or anything." Although some people may take it as, "wow - you're really fat," I was really happy to hear the news. I've had this (fairly unrealistic) goal of only gaining ten pounds with this pregnancy. (I tend to gain about 25 pounds by delivery - and thought it would be REALLY awesome to not have to worry about losing the last fifteen pounds.) I had been fairly good about sticking to my (non-realistic) goal, and hadn't gained any weight. But at today's appointment I had put on four pounds. Hence, my MAJOR relief with the "popping" comment. Either way: goal will NOT be met. Guess it's time to drown my sorrows in more ice cream.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Party

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Maddie turned three. And in true Madelyn fashion, we celebrated at her FAVORITE place on earth, "Mack-E-Cheese." As you can clearly see in the following pictures, we had a VERY hard time getting her to look at the camera. She was sick that day, but mananged to have a pretty good time anyway. Thanks for coming everyone!

This last pic is just a shot of Maddie and Jude before church. I thought they looked adorable (especially Maddie in her new dress from Aunt Stef)!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

Now for some reason, when I tried to type my title - my fingers automatically typed, "It's not easy being Greg." It must have been some sort of Freudian-Typing-Slip, so I think I should mention that although it's not easy being green - it's also not easy to be Greg.

Having said that - on to my original post. I have a few friends who enjoy a good chuckle over my efforts to be green. I'm really not that good, but I try to turn off lights, I take my own reusable bags to the grocery store, and use toxin-free products in my home. I am, however, still a BIG offender when it comes to recycling. I admit it - I buy, use DAILY, and don't recycle plastic water bottles. But, I may not need to anymore...look what I found: I'm TOTALLY GETTING ONE, and my friends can laugh all they want, I think it's AWESOME.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The 4th

I'm sure everyone had pretty much the same weekend that we did - the night before we went to the REAL Salt Lake game with Derek and Jessica. Then on the 4th we went out to breakfast, let the kids play at the park, played with some snails, ate Brazillian food, and ended with a few large fireworks. Typical Wilson family weekend.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Poor Mom

Remember how I said I was the best at remembering my family members' birthdays? SO good, in fact, that had been deemed the "birthday reminder" for all the siblings.... well, last week I missed a VERY important birthday, and now feel like scum. I spent the entire day telling myself it was my mom's birthday, and still didn't remember to call her. I even sent my brother Derek and IM reminding him to call - to which he said, "thanks, but I've got this one covered."

By about 6:30 pm, Maddie got sick - and that was the last time "CALL YOUR MOM" crossed my mind. It was about 8:30 the next morning that I panicked. I immediately got on the horn and apologized profusely for the horrible act. My mom was so kind and understanding. She also let me know that Derek (Mr. "Thanks but I've got this one") Greg, and Sarah had also forgotten to call. She didn't tell me that to be rude - but to make me feel better. It didn't work - I felt worse. Four out of her six kids had forgotten to call her. I made it my mission the next day to remind all of us slackers. First was Derek - I had reminded him, his wife had reminded him, and he forgot the same way I did. Next was Greg - he had SEVEN people remind him that day, and still forgot. Then I IMed Sarah - this was my favorite. This was our conversation:

Me: Just try to call Mom today.

Sarah: Oh, I know. Thanks for the reminder - but I'm going to call her in a bit.....but I ACTUALLY REMEMBERED THIS YEAR!!

Me: Um, you remembered? Did you remember that it was yesterday?

Sarah: WHAT????

Me: Yeah - we all missed it.

Sarah: I thought it was on the 1oth!!!

Me: It was, the 10th was yesterday.

Sarah: NO!! I thought yesterday was the 9th!

Me: Nope - you'd better call her.

Sarah: Doing it now.

So, I've learned that even though we all know WHEN my poor mother's birthday is, it doesn't make us any better at calling her. The good news is that she had two great days. One in which she did all sorts of fun stuff with her friend, the next day when all of her groveling children called and told her what terrible people they were. She considered it a second-day-birthday-bonus. Thanks for looking on the bright side, Mom. You're the best. Here are a few tidbits about my adorable mother.

- My mom's kitchen never closes. She probably cleans it seventeen times per day, but is willing to cook you ANYTHING at ANY hour.

-She's a night owl, and I don't feel bad calling her house at 12:30 am. I know she's up. She, however knows not to call me after 10.

-She drives a Passat and talks on an Iphone (how hip is that?)

-She has held up MANY a fast-food-drive-through line while waiting for someone to take her order. Not because she's slow at ordering, but because she's sitting at the "please pull forward" menu or the random News Paper Box in the drive though waiting for it to talk to her.

-On more than one occasion my mom has driven away from the bank drive through with the "tube" sitting in her passenger seat filled with her money. She has also (on more than one occasion) made whatever sucker of a child she had with her - go into the bank and return the tube while she hid in the car.

Mom, you're awesome, and you would do anything for ANYONE no matter what. I love you so much, and hope you can forgive all your awful children for forgetting to call! Happy Belated Birthday.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy 3rd/4th Birthday Maddie!

Happy Birthday to my little three year old who insists that she's four. I love you SO much, Angel Face, and am so proud to be your mother!