Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A (Birth)day Well Spent

Can you believe the Angry Birds Balloon is STILL floating?  We're going on 14 days now!  

I secretly asked Rob's boss for the day off - we woke up early - went out with the kids for breakfast - dropped the kids off at Rob's parents' house - we bought him a new hammer - we (unsuccessfully) shopped for his other present - we bowled four games - we ate bowling alley nachos - we saw Sherlock Holmes - we looked again (unsuccessfully) for his present - we had a surprise birthday dinner with friends - we gave him a crown.

Happy Birthday, Babe!  Hope you had a great day!

An extra-special shout out to my mother in law for taking my kids from 11am to 9pm.  I'm sure she will sleep well tonight! Thank you times a million, Tammy!  We could not have had this amazing day without you!

BDEM:  Bowling was a LOT of fun.  We paid to have the lane for an hour, and crammed in four games. I've mentioned in the past that we are bowlers - and we are serious about it.  We also had so many laughs at dinner, so I think this one is a toss up!  

Water:  24 oz?  Geez - I'd better go crazy tomorrow!

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Birthday Boy

32 Fun Facts about the man I love the most:

1.  He loves the outdoors
2.  He loves classic cars
3.  Contrary to #2, he also loves old Honda Accords (I'm still baffled by this one)
4.  He is almost at his goal of having a six pack
5.  He'll die when he realizes that I posted #4 on a public blog
6.  He is fluent in Spanish
7.  He is a golfer
8.  When he can't golf, he is a snowboarder
9.  He eats a lot of tuna melts
10.  He is not a soda drinker
11.  My soda addiction drives him crazy
12.  I'm not going to change
13.  He has a BA in Psychology
14.  He owns 50+ tee shirts (this was after the purging)
15.  He is apparently a better dresser than I am
16.  He doesn't snore
17.  He gets in trouble for playing games on his phone at meal times
18.  He is very  handy around the house - and would give up office work if manual labor paid enough
19.  He is unbelievably organized.....I'm talking same status as my father
20.  He lives for finding new bands
21.  He is the most honest person I know
22.  He will drop everything if someone needs help
23.  He is dependable
24.  He, more than any person I know, desires to be at home with his kids as much as possible
25.  He loves to wrestle with his kids - even more than he loves #7 and #8
26.  He would eat Portillo's daily if he could
27.  Despite all of my faults, he tells me daily that he loves me and means it
28.  He is a goal setter, and a goal completer
29.  He tells the kids a made-up-on-the-spot bedtime story every single night
30.  Even with all of these amazing qualities, he's always the quiet guy in the back
31.  His ability to learn quickly is super annoying - he'll beat you at your own game the second time
32.  He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and the best dad my kids could ask for

Happy 32nd Birthday to my handsome, loving, supportive husband.  I'll spend the next 32 years trying to become as amazing to you as you are to me.  After 32 years I'll probably quit, though...because if I haven't succeeded by then, it's probably not going to happen.  Here's hoping!

Love you so much, babe!

BDEM:  Claire was so fun this morning!  She was giggly, playful and cuddly.  I couldn't put her down to get my stuff done - but I have no regrets.  It was a morning I'll remember for a long time!

Water:  40 oz
Weight:  -.5  I didn't lose much this week, but I think I dropped a pant size - which is a definite win

Sunday, January 29, 2012

After Weeks of Insanity...

...we are both going to be sore from video game boxing.

So pathetic!

BDEM:  Getting through our Young Women presidency meeting in an hour flat.  Definitely an all time record!  

Water:  Wow.  Looking back, probably 10 oz.  At least I made up for it with junk food and Chicago Style Pizza.  I think I just blew tomorrow's weigh in...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I've Been Pinned!

Now, maybe this happens to all of you creative types out there, but this is my first pin!  I noticed a random spike in visitors to my LouBellBakes page, and what do you know - a stranger pinned my Mini Mouse Cupcakes, and now they're on Pinterest!  Because of it, I've had a lot of people going back to my site to get the recipe, etc.  Which I must say is SUPER flattering!  Too bad I stopped updating that blog when I gave up baking to lose weight.  Who knows, maybe one of these days I'll get back into the old hobby.  But I'm sure by then my site will be LONG out of the Pinterest loop.

Either way - I've had my fifteen minutes of fame.  I can die happy and poor! Eh, scratch that.  I think I'll wait till I'm rich and grumpy to die.  That usually comes around 90ish, right?!

BDEM:  Probably finding this little gem on Pinterest.  It really made me smile!  

Water:  40 oz.

Friday, January 27, 2012

You Asked For it!

After mentioning my cold sore excitement, I had a bunch of people ask via blog or via email what I was doing.  Well, here you go.  I'm starting a side blog - that really won't be updated anywhere NEAR as often as this one, but one that hopefully serves as a resource for my friends and neighbors who want to learn about or even come over and try some of the oils that Rob's company makes. 

Way back when I was a kid, my mother was obsessed with essential oils.  We used to refer to her as "The Witch Doctor" whenever she'd shove a pot of  hot water infused with oils in front of our faces to inhale.  I remember a few oils specifically: lavender, peppermint, cypress, rose, just some basics. But ever since Rob started bringing home these new products, I have found a renewed love for essential oils. 

We have a big-old-book that's full of uses for each one, and every time we find any kind of "symptom" in our house, we immediately check the book and begin treatment.  It took a while to not run straight for the tylenol or run right to the doctor for antibiotics, but I feel like over the course of the past few months we have become a healthier and more natural family.  I also feel like these things really work.  Who knew?!

So I'm adding to my blog list (remember, I'm a blogger...it's what I do - it says so right in my "about me" section) a new blog that I'll update from time to time about my experience with doTERRA oils.  I'll share the good, I'll share the bad - I'll just teach you what I know.

Also - should you be local, and have any ailments that you'd like to put to the oils test, come on over.  I'm happy to share!  

Now - should you so desire...and don't feel like you have to...I've put a link on the right side of the screen sharing my cold sore concoction.  Forgive the horrid pictures - they are taken with a cell phone, and as Rob mentioned, they make my forehead look like a bubble.  I'm sure he meant it in a loving way.  

BDEM:  I taught Claire the "Five Little Monkeys" song and she's picking up the actions.  She'll come over to me make some squeaking/grunting noise, and then do the action of monkeys jumping on the bed.  That's my cue to get my sing on.  She dances, and tells those monkeys to stop that bed-jumping by waving her pointer finger, smiling and laughing all the way.  

Water:  50 oz

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Keeping You Posted

I end a lot of blog posts with, "I'll keep you posted."

I never do.

Probably because five minutes after I mention it, I forget I told you about it.  It's still a priority in my head - and I get to it, I just don't report.  And really, that's the important part.  I lack follow through, and for that I am sorry.

Here are the last two things I was supposed to tell you about:


I made it for lunch.  I mixed it with black beans, corn, cilantro, and lime.  Rob was really impressed - and I would give it a seven out of ten.  It was pretty good, both warm and cold....but I made a massive batch and ate it for several days straight.  For now, I'm a bit sick of it.  I will make it again, but it's not the food of my dreams like I hoped it would be. Oddly enough, the main reason I wanted to make it was to replace my every day lunch (a frozen weight watchers meal) with something different.  I have since returned to my frozen meal with a renewed love.

The Dress:

I mentioned a few days ago that I was in love with this dress.  Then I got a "special secret sale" email from the store which announced that all dresses and skirts were on sale for $25 ONE DAY ONLY!  I ran right over, tried on the dress, and hated it.

The material was super static-y (apparently that's not a word) and the neck was really wide.  To say the least, it was ugly.

Update complete.  I will now carry on with my regularly scheduled blog posts.

BDEM:  Jude asked if I could go buy an air hockey table this afternoon.  After I explained that there was absolutely no chance, he went ahead and made two paddles? (what are they called in air hockey?) out of paper, then made a puck out of a paper plate.  He set it up on our end table, and we played best of five.  It was ridiculously fun, and much cheaper and quieter than a real air hockey table.  

Water:  55 oz

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


If I ever feel like I'm running short on blogging material, all I have to do is follow Jude for a couple of hours - his antics are nothing less than blogging gold.

For the past few days Jude has been playing with his "friend" Rocco.  Rocco is a blue ball - a bit smaller than a golf ball - made of silly putty.  Yesterday the two of them were playing hide and seek together.

"Rooooooocco?  You're such a good hider!  Mom, have you seen Rocco?  Wait, I think I hear something.  (Jude fakes a snicker on Rocco's behalf)  Oh - there you are, Rocco - your laughing gave away your hiding spot!  You need to be quieter next time."

Absolutely true.

Anyway, I guess Jude decided to sleep with Rocco last night because this morning he woke up looking like this:

I was surprised he wasn't TOTALLY devastated that we were going to have to throw both Rocco and the shirt away. He handled it really well.  After realizing what he had done - and seeing the mess on his shirt, he asked for a piece of paper.  (This is probably the second thing he asks for every single day).  So while Rob and I exercised, he was working on something in the kitchen.

Apparently he was a bit embarrassed about what he had done, and didn't want Kaden (the cute kid we drive to school every morning) to see the mess on his shirt. Yes, half of my kids are still in pajamas when  I drive the morning carpool.

What did he do?

Naturally he replicated his shirt on a piece of paper to cover up the mess.  It's the obvious choice.

I'm sure nobody could tell the difference.

This kid SLAYS me.

BDEM:  I get a lot of cold sores.  They are big, nasty, painful and ugly.  As of today I do believe I have found the cure - or at least the way to keep them small and painless.  It has made my current cold sore bearable, and I'll keep you posted on whether or not it continues to work.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though, because I need a cold sore miracle!  

Water:  74 oz.  Good day!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Tonight the Young Women I work with came to my house to learn how to bake. I decided on a simple recipe, but one I had never tried before.  I didn't want to be poking around and cautiously checking to make sure "nothing was ruined" which is a lot easier to do when you're making something for the first time.  (I am horrible about things like that.)  So I chose homemade scones from Ourbestbites.com.  The ladies did an excellent job - and I had my first homemade scone.  I will definitely make these again. Anybody have any absolute-must-add-ins for scones?  These were super basic, but still divine.

BDEM:  Today I introduced my dad to Skype.  Oh the joy of teaching oldies about the internet.  I kid - but I couldn't help but giggle a bit as he discovered face to face chat.  He even referred to it as "The Skype" one time and that just sent me over the edge! He has been vacationing in Argentina for a month, so it was nice to see his face and hear his voice again.  Thanks for taking all that time to see the kids and talk to us. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Water:  50 oz and counting....

Monday, January 23, 2012

While Mom is Away

Rob just showed me what he and the kids were doing Saturday morning while I was at a church activity.  Let me set the stage:  Rob asked the kids to get dressed so they could all go to Costco.  Each of them came back wearing something totally ridiculous, so Rob called the whole thing off.  Once they were all in costume, Maddie took on the role of "The Host with the Most," a title that she just couldn't seem to say.  

Take 1:

Take 2:

Take 3:

Take 4:
The Final Attempt: 

All of the fun things happen while I'm gone!

BDEM:  I couldn't stop laughing at the strange angry-bird-creeper that suddenly appears in the bottom video.  Last thing I knew, he was still Bumble Bee!  Also, watching kids fall down (with a happy ending) is always pretty amusing!  

Weight -1.6 Total -5.7

Water:  60 oz

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Family Dancing

I was a cheerleader for many years, so I consider myself to have a decent (not extensive, but decent) knowledge of dancing, staying on beat, following cues, etc.

However, I am horrible at this game.

What you are seeing above is me getting my butt kicked by my twelve year old niece, my sister in law, and my older brother.

Talk about humiliation. In this particular game I came in 4th.  The next lowest score was three times higher than mine.  I tried to blame the controller, but then my sister in law took it - and did great.  Lame.

BDEM:  Tonight was a great dinner at Derek's house to celebrate Derek's and Jude's birthday.  We laughed, danced and ate great food - but I honestly think the BDEM was just sitting and talking with my sister in law, Jessica.  I walked away thinking, "Wow.  I just love her.  What a great listener."  

Thanks, Jess!

Water:  It's another one of those terrible nights where my lack of water is making me feel sick.  My lips are dry, I'm a little nauseated, and I feel bloated from all of the diet coke I drank.  I think I have a problem.  I am literally a coke-a-holic.  Anyone feel like starting a support group with me?  So, to answer that question....honestly....12 oz.  Ouch.  I'm sure that's not going to help tomorrow's weigh in!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I didn't end up trying on the dress, but I did spend the morning making a really cute ring and pair of earrings.  Here's a really bad shot of the ring.  It's made of fabric, and up close has a bit of a rose look.

Now, I'm dying to paint my really boring nails something along these lines:

I love them all, but I think the middle finger is my favorite.  Take that however you want.

BDEM:   I did NOT eat well today.  On top of that, Rob and I didn't work out this morning.  So about 8pm, I just felt like junk...overly full, body yucky, and bloated.  As horrible as working out sounded, I got my butt up - and went to the gym.  I still feel like vomiting up my dinner, but at least I feel like I did something today.  

Water: 40 oz

Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh me, oh my...

I'm having a terrible time coming up with reasons I shouldn't buy this dress.  I'm kind of head over heels for it.

I think I'm going to have to go try it on tomorrow, and hope that I look TERRIBLE in it.  But then there's that awful possibility that I'll love it even more in person.

Feel free to tell me that it's hideous - it will snag - your weird great aunt owned a similar one - anything to change my mind.

BDEM:  Admitting this is a bit embarrassing, but I don't think I have really scrubbed my house since before Christmas.  Today I feel like I am finally caught up - sinks and toilets are sparkling, all floors are mopped, everything dusted and the house is vacuumed.  Sigh.....if only it could stay this way forever.  I suppose ten minutes will do!

Water:  72 oz. (Holla!)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Isn't it Amazing...

how some toys are just a passing trend - and others seem to stay forever?  Jude got these for his birthday yesterday and spent all morning playing with them.

He was so excited when the "war" was over and only one good guy had died.

I explained that he didn't have to be dead, after all...it was his imagination that was controlling the whole event. He just stared at me like I was the biggest idiot and said, "But Mom, he was shot then a tank ran him over."

Point taken.

Thank you, dear soldier, for sacrificing your life for the sake of your fellow men. If I knew how to blog taps...I totally would.

BDEM: The long hot shower after this morning's miserable workout. How is it possible to love and hate exercise sooooo much at the same time??

Water: 60oz

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"It was the best birthday EVER!"

Jude had the greatest day - and couldn't stop saying, "Thank you for the best day ever, Mom and Dad!"  I don't think it gets much sweeter than that!

Happy Angry Birds Birthday, Jude!  

BDEM:  Jude was Mr. Detail when it came to making the cupcakes.  He literally stood over me and discussed every single aspect of each color of angry bird.  "Well, that's good Mom, but it's not really right..." or, "He kind of looks like the red guy, but he's missing hair."  

I also loved how all morning he wore his new black hooded angry birds blanket around the house.  It was the gift from his sisters.  He kept telling me that his blanket was the bomb.  I was so excited that he loved it so much - and was also wondering where he picked up the phrase, "the bomb."  When I finally asked where he learned it he said, "Um, I don't know - he is just the big black bird that blows up the pigs."  

OH.  The blanket actually IS the bomb.  

Water:  60 oz.  Finally getting back on track.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tomorrow is a BIG Day

Good thing we've got BIG balloons to celebrate with!

Happy 5th Birthday, Jude-a-tude!!

Seems like only yesterday you looked like this:

You handsome little devil, you!  

You are the smartest, sweetest, most creative little guy I ever did see.  I can't help but blush when people tell me what a great kid you are, because I feel so proud to be your mom.  Love you!!  

BDEM:  Sitting quietly with my husband in a very special place.  

Water:  MAYBE 20 oz.  It seems like I totally forget water when I break my schedule.  I also have a pounding headache.  Perhaps the two are related.  I'll drink a bit and see if it helps.  I'll say 32 oz just to be optimistic - including what I'm about to drink.  (I WILL regret this choice in three hours when the water returns and wakes me up from a dead sleep)

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Good Man

You know that phrase that says something like, "Behind every good man there is an even better, more thoughtful, well spoken, considerate woman that you don't think he deserved that was obviously out of his league - perhaps it was a shotgun wedding.."?   That's paraphrasing a bit - but I think it's pretty close.  There are so many days that I feel like my situation is completely reversed.

We've had a rough few weeks around these parts.  As I've mentioned, Claire has not been the easiest lately.  As of today, she has her third ear infection in less than three weeks. (All of our kids get them when they are teething).  It's been getting me down - only because I really thrive on keeping up with all of my daily chores, etc.  If I fall behind, I tend to get a bit stressed and overwhelmed.  I understand her constant need to be held, but it has still been hard.

I was super frustrated and I told Rob it was probably best to not come home for lunch because he'd only find a huge mess and a super grumpy wife.  What did he do?  He brought home my favorite salad to cheer me up.

What a good, good man.

Thanks, babe - you are always there to pick me up when I am at my worst.

BDEM:  Cranky, screaming, face-scratching Claire just kind of collapsed on my shoulder tonight as I rocked her to sleep and sang to her.  Then she took her chubby little feverish hand and placed in on my cheek.  It was almost like an apology, and it made me forget (at least for a minute) about the overwhelming day!  

Weight: -4.1 total
Water:  46 oz.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Good Laugh

I'm sure a lot of you have already seen this, but my kids have been laughing at it for the last twenty minutes.

I think the announcer's reaction is probably my favorite.  Absolutely speechless!

BDEM:  Twas' a lazy Sunday round these parts.  Sometimes a lazy Sunday is just what I need!  

Water: 48 oz

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I am not giving up my goal of losing twenty pounds.  I am, however, extending my schedule a bit.  When I originally set the goal, I thought I was giving myself PLENTY of time to get it done, after all - I just wanted to make it a goal that was accomplished - but not something I stressed over.  I figured I'd lose 20 pounds in ten weeks, easily. When I really did the math - I realized that losing two lbs/week is healthy, and doable.  But it requires a pretty strict regimen, which I spent all of last year following.

I don't want this to sound like I'm bailing on my plan - or that I don't think I can't do it.  I just don't want to stress myself out by knowing I only have "(blank) days left!"  I also have no idea where my body wants to be, so should I lose 15 lbs, but find that I've toned up, and feel like I'm where I want to be - I'll stay there.  All I know is I'm not there yet, but I'd like to be there by MAY 1st.

I'm also going to start posting my weight weekly instead of daily.  I still weigh myself daily - but I'll just bore you with that stuff every Monday.

BDEM:  Rob, Madelyn and I spent the afternoon at the local fitness center.  I got to run on a treadmill - which I LOVE, then we went swimming.  I was so happy to see that even though I haven't been running in ages, I actually ran longer and faster than I normally do.  High Fives to Insanity!  

Water:  40 oz (I'm falling behind on this goal, too - I need to step this one up.)

Weight - goal is to lose 2 lbs/week.  I am currently on target!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Well, that explains it.

I have been cursing my camera for years.  I think I recently mentioned how strained our relationship was...I say things like, "You NEVER focus!"  or "WHY THE HECK DIDN'T THE FLASH GO OFF?!"  But most of the time I just say, "OH MY GOSH!  I HATE THIS STUPID THING!"

So, yes, there are some problems.  Mark my words - the camera will be the reason I am forced to attend anger management classes.

After all these years, I am feeling a bit guilty because as it turns out the camera is actually disabled.  I assumed that when it started smelling like smoke after taking pictures it was probably because it was about to explode.  Now I feel like it was probably crying over all of my insults.

You see, the camera is actually colorblind.

I learned this when I decided to document the so-bad-it-should-have-been-on-TV moment of washing the one red shirt with all of the other whites.  Yes.  I actually did that.  I should also add it was a NEW red shirt.

Here's what the camera saw:

No, that's not even close to what the real laundry looked like.  I will actually have to throw away all of the whites that were in that load because it all just looks like cotton candy.  But Camera will never know that. It just sees that I took a picture of a boring laundry basket with boring towels.

Now I feel shame.  I should never mock the disabled.  I should never, ever mock stupid cameras that can't focus, don't flash, tell me my battery is low and shut down when I've just recharged it, and smell like electrical fires after each click.  That would just be a horrible thing to do.  Consider this my last complaining post...because I'm a changed woman.

BDEM:  We had a horrible night last night that involved Ella throwing up next to our bed - then sleeping in our room, so neither of us got any sleep.  I think I got about three hours total.  So at about 10am I curled up on the floor with a blanket that covered the vent, and slept UNDISTURBED BY CHILDREN for an hour while warm air came through the house - and then got trapped inside my blanket cocoon.  So wonderful!

Weight: -.1 (-3.7 total)
Water:  45 oz

Thursday, January 12, 2012

They're not perfect....

...but they're done.  And only six years after I told my sister-in-law, Jessica, I was going to "go home and make them."

*rice and lavender bags - throw them in the microwave, then throw them under the covers so you climb into a warm bed.

Who knew that what took six years to get around to would only take twenty minutes to finish?!

BDEM:  Pulling out the old sewing machine.  I love that thing, and should use it more often.  I may not be great at making things, but the machine is great at making "me" time.  

Weight -.2 (Total -3.8? I think)
Water:  68oz

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Week

Has looked like this: 

So even three minutes of this felt like heaven!
Teething...it's the pits!

BDEM:  Rob took the older two kids roller skating for Maddie's school party, and I got to spend the night with my two little redheads.  Even cranky Claire seemed to enjoy the extra attention!

Weight: 0 - - Yes, I do blame you...fish and chips!   (Total -3.6)
Water:  60 oz

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well, you've waited long enough.  I'll show you the new room!  The dresser took longer than we originally planned, so today is actually the first day I've had it all together.

I still have sheer white curtains ($4 at IKEA for TWO panels!) but we'll see if those get hung in the near future!  

Dresser Before:

Dresser After

We painted the room a medium grey, and replaced all the linens and pillows. We then painted the dresser and replaced the hardware. I found the knobs at Lowe's for under $1each - but they were gold.  So we sprayed them black to match the rest of the room. And last, but not least, we added the little lime lamp on the nightstand.  

My camera could not capture the colors of the room quite right, but the dresser and throw pillows are turquoise, the comforter is grey and white, and the coverlet is plum.  I'm kind of in love with it, and am so glad that Rob was on board from the start.  I had jokingly mentioned that I wanted to paint the dresser turquoise, and he didn't really respond - so I just figured I'd go with black.  Then I kind of made the joke again, this time with a link to a cool turquoise dresser I saw online, and he caved.  I think he's happy he caved.  I know I am!

So there it is!  Now what the heck am I going to hang over your heads to ensure you'll come and visit my blog again?  Any post requests?!

BDEM:  Getting my clothes back into the dresser.  All my clothes have been scattered for days on end, and being able to see the carpet again is fabulous.  I love a good, clean home.    

Weight -.6 (Total, -3.6)
Water: 40-ish oz

Monday, January 09, 2012


I meant to post these forever ago, but then I got on my Christmas kick, and these were put on the back burner.  My sister in law, Jessica, is an amazing photographer and offered to shoot our family. So, without further ado I present for your viewing pleasure, 

Family Pics 2011

Thanks again, Jessica!  I absolutely love these, and can't wait to get them up in my house!

You can envy Jessica's blog HERE.

PS - she's good at everything.

PPS - seriously.

BDEM:  Rob and I snuck away for a few hours today and saw Breaking Dawn: Part .  Now, I never got into the books - and really wasn't that into the movies (I just started the series like a month ago) but I really liked this one....and so did Rob!  

Weight: -1.5 (Total: -3 lbs)
Water:  60 oz

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Excited to Cook

There is very little that excites me when it comes to cooking.  I love to bake, and get really excited about new ideas there - but when it comes to cooking all of my efforts usually end in, "This smells yucky, Mom!" (I should add that I actually really enjoy cooking - and will probably have a great time once my kids are past the, "Can't we just have macaroni and cheese?" phase).

All that aside, I have been really excited to try quinoa.  Anything that I can add beans, corn and cilantro to is like a lunch made in heaven.  I'm really hoping it lives up to my expectations because I will eat it every day if I like it.  That is not a joke.  When I was dieting really strictly last year (btw - it seems to be a LOT harder this year?!) I ate the same meal for lunch every single day for three months straight.  I often even ate it for dinner.  Did I get bored?  Never.  I would gush over how much I loved the meal daily.  

But for some reason that meal just isn't grabbing me this time around.  (Could it possibly be the obvious? My body is sick of it?)  So I'm really hoping I can call quinoa my new best winter friend.  Huh.  Maybe that's my problem.  As I typed that sentence I thought, "Why is food your best friend anyway?"  Talk about some seriously deep issues! (I didn't mean that, food....I still love you - it's all for show.  I just tell the people what they want to hear.  Still BFFs?)

So have you tried this KEEN-WAH?  Is it the best thing since sliced bread?  I'll keep you posted.

BDEM:  Dinner at the in-laws.  My mother-in-law made the most delicious dinner in honor of the January birthdays in our extended family.  Six birthdays all together, three in my family alone.  Busy, busy!  Then we all just sat around and enjoyed being with family. It was a great night.  Thanks, Ross and Tammy! 

Weight: 0  (Total: -1.5...I think) Rob and I head into phase two of insanity tomorrow.  I'm hoping that'll kick this up a notch.
Water:  I said I'd try.  I did not try.  And now I am parched.  Sad - maybe 12 oz?  I'll hang my head now.  

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Winding Down

I walked into Target tonight feeling chipper, alert and ready to get my grocery-shop on.  I walked out tired with my throat on fire!  How do these things hit so quickly?  So I immediately ran to grab some of this:

And if you'll be kind enough to forgive me, I'm going to shut down my computer, sit on the couch and hope that the cold cream cures me before my 7:30 am  meetings tomorrow morning.  

BDEM:  While checking out at Target, the lady behind me couldn't stop staring at the conveyor belt as I unloaded groceries.  I am very particular.  Boxes first,  then pastas, then cans, then produce, then meat/frozen foods,  then toiletry items, then bread then milk.  Some people think I am crazy - but it makes unloading SO MUCH EASIER!  Everything gets bagged with similar items. Anyway, the lady would NOT stop looking, and I was feeling the "YOU'D BETTER NOT MAKE ME WAIT" pressure, when she said, "You unload your groceries just like me!  Doesn't it make all the difference?  Where's my husband? (she starts looking around) 'LOOK HONEY!  SHE GET'S IT!'"  I should have gotten her number - I'm sure she could have been one of those surprise friends!

Weight:  +.5  (I forgot to weigh myself at the normal time, so I'll see if that changes anything tomorrow.  I usually weigh myself in the morning, before there is any food or water in my system.)

Water: Pathetic. Maybe 32 0z.  I was super distracted today.  I'll try harder tomorrow.

Friday, January 06, 2012

My Baby is 1!

Happy Birthday, little Claire Bear!

She hasn't been feeling very well lately, but we still decided to give her a little party to celebrate.  When it came time to make the cake, I really didn't have a lot of ideas seeing as how Claire doesn't really have any favorites.  We ran into the same problem at Christmas when Rob was programming a little dog that Santa left for Claire.  You go online, choose some of the things your child loves best, then it kind of personalizes all the songs/games towards your child.

I wasn't around when Rob did this, but in the end - here's what he chose:

So ever since Christmas we've been singing all about how Claire loves purple, hotdog-eating fish named Claire.

Naturally, it only made sense to make this her first Birthday cake.

It was ONE SLOPPY CAKE!  But it definitely served its purpose.

Happy birthday, little love!  Not a day goes by where I don't think about how unbelievably blessed I am to have you in my life.

BDEM:  Claire's Birthday was definitely fun, but Maddie was in charge of the bedtime story - something that Rob usually does, and her story was awesome.  Every night Rob lets the kids choose one thing - can be ANYTHING at all, and he incorporates each kids thing into the story.  But today Maddie did the same thing and ended up telling a story with the following items:
-Pirate Zhu Zhu pets
-A shark
-Walking Clothes (obviously Jude.  I'm sure he'll try to make walking clothes out of paper tomorrow)

The story was amazing.  Got a little bit dodgy towards the end, but all in all, Maddie was a magnificent story teller!

Weight: -.7 lbs (total -1.7)  I'm pretty sure you can count on a + for tomorrow!
Water:  64 dreadful ounces