Friday, April 22, 2011

Short Again

I originally chopped my hair a couple of months ago, but realized after my most recent cut that I hadn't posted it yet.  I love short hair.  L.O.V.E.

(insert special shout out to my awesome stylist, Julie, here)

Oh...and I normally don't laugh at the camera - Rob and I were IMing while I was taking this shot. Here's our convo:

(Maddie was on a fieldtrip up by Rob's work, and he stopped by and surprised her)

Robby:  Maddie's such a sweetheart.
Melissa:  Was it fun to see her?
Robby: Yeah.  She's going to bring a lot of tears to my eyes.
Melissa:  What did she do this time? :)
Robby:  She's just so cute.
Robby:  and loving.
Robby:  I just love being a dad.
Melissa:  I'm so glad!
Robby:  as I'm leaving, she says to one of the teachers, "That's my dad."
Robby:  and she's so proud
Robby:  makes me feel good.

Can you blame me for smiling so big?  I've got it so good.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Surely, the person who snuck in and replaced my infant with a monster-sized three month old HAD to have known that I would eventually notice.  The nerve of some people.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Story Time with Papa

My dad came out for a quick trip to see the kids and meet Claire.  He's a really great grandpa.  He lets the kids climb all over him and hangs on every word out of their tiny little mouths....EVEN if he doesn't understand a thing they are talking about. Watching him pretend to know every single Toy Story reference Jude made was priceless.

Here he is reading The Tickle Monster to them.  It involves a lot of laughs, and tons of tickles.

Claire managed to take a few hours off of her RSV and be a happy little granddaughter for his visit.  She gave him lots of smiles (none of which were caught on camera) and cuddles.

Thanks for making the trip out Papa!  We love you and hope you'll come back again, soon!