Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Big Bully

Maddie had a friend over the other day, and decided it was a great time to show off her new tricks. She jumped, she rolled, and she giggled. When Zina wasn't amused, Maddie decided it was time to beat her up and pull on her face. That will teach her.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Sunshine

First Tooth

Headed in the Wrong Direction

Madelyn is crawling, but unfortunately - only backwards. She is incredibly frustrated becuase she sees something she wants to get, and gets further and further away from it. She spends most of her time stuck in the corner.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Silly Me

I can not believe that in my previous post I forgot to mention my FAVORITE jeep story. I had planned an entire paragraph for this one - and this person and completely spaced it. For that, forgive me. I dedicate this post to my adorable dad, and his "never-fail" negotiating tactics.
I owe the entire existence of Pepe, the Chili-Peper-Red Wrangler to my Dad. The Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend, 1999, I asked my dad to come and look for a new car with me. Granted, I already had a fine car - one in which I had three months prior almost totalled. It was a black saturn, and it suited me well, but I was really thinking I wanted a Jeep. So I played up the "I'm headed to snowy, mountainous Utah" card - and he gave in. Now, I knew this was only a courtesy/pity trip to explain why I didn't need, and couldn't afford a wrangler - but I was excited to go anyway.
We test drove Pepe, and I was in love. My dad figured he'd humor me and sit down with the dealer. He starts throwing numbers around with the dealer.."I know it costs you this much to make the car, and you deserve a comission - I'll offer you this much"
The dealer says, "I don't think we'll be able to go that low Mr. Kopp - let me talk to my manager."
The sales man walks out of the room, and my dad says to me, " He's going to come back in and tell us that they can't go that low. We'll say 'fine, call us when you can' and walk away."
The sales man walks back in and says, "Okay Mr. Kopp, it looks like we can go ahead and do that."
I literally watched my dads face go blank. A long pause, a deep gulp. Apparently he had misjudged the situation, and had somehow just bought me a brand new jeep. I could tell my dad was trying hard to hide the deep horror he was feeling - but I didn't care at that point. I was SO thrilled.
And so began the legendary Jeep. Thanks, Dad, for allowing me to have such a fine car. I must add you to the list of pepe's favorite people - for all of the camping, guest dj, and rides across the country. You're the best.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

We had Joy, We had Fun, We had Seasons in the Sun..

The most bizarre thing happened yesterday. I was out shopping in a city about fifteen miles north of where I live - when I saw two teenage boys riding around in a "chili pepper red" wrangler. I was reminiscing on my wrangler, when I realized that it WAS my wrangler. And even though I have been driving my grand cherokee for nearly two months now, my eyes filled up with tears. I'm sure everyone is wondering how I knew it was mine - but my jeep had a few distinctive characterisitcs about it. First of all - it didn't have running boards, second - it had the 3 inch lift and big tires on it, third - there was a (D) sticker on the bottom right bumper, and fourth -and possibly most disturbing, it had a temporary license taped to the back window.
Rob and I have had the jeep up for sale at a friend's car lot for a few months, and I figured we would be notified when it sold. I guess I wanted to check out the new buyer - or at least say goodbye to an old friend. But as I watched those boys laugh, I knew it was a good sale.
I am going to miss my wrangler SOOOO much. I'm sure that most of you reading this have had the chance to drive me around in it (call me spoiled, but I love to be chauffeured). Thanks to everyone that sang with me, went camping with me, drove me around Lake Maxinkukee, and made Pepe the best car ever.
I'd like to send a special shout out to the car's favorite people: Mary, Tara, Jemison (you WERE the one that sunk it..) Jacqui, and mostly - my darling husband Rob - who took such good care of it when I started driving around a baby. So many memories of such a great friend. May it make some teenage boy as happy as it made me. (Insert Trumpet playing Taps)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Robby Bobby Boo's Birthday

The really sad thing - is that Robby Bobby Boo is not my nickname for Rob - it's my mother's. Anyway, Rob's birthday was Tuesday, so I decided to have a little dinner party for a few friends to celebrate. Good times had by all: Italian Beef, Chips and Queso, Burrito Roll-Ups, Mostaciolli, Chocolate Cake and Texas Hold-em. Does it get any better than that...? Happy Birthday Robby - I love you so so much.