Friday, April 25, 2008


I am one of those nerds that suffers from allergies for three straight seasons. I'm allergic to grass, ragweed and pollen - which makes for a TERRIBLE situation when you're pregnant. At my last appointment I asked my doctor if there was anything I could take to relieve my sypmtoms - to which he said, "Well, technically all of the over-the-counter allergy medicines are safe." I was pretty surprised to hear that because I had always believed the complete opposite. He then said, "Some people are trying to prove that they cause deformities like holes in the heart and cleft-pallet, but there's no proof it's up to you."

Now, I have to be honest. There have been a few VERY severe moments that I found myself thinking, "It's never been proven..." but I still can't get myself to take the meds - after all I don't even use normal household cleaners anymore because of the toxins. Just as I was thinking there was no end in sight, my brother Greg reminded me of the most wonderful invention sitting in my medicine cabinet. It may be weird, unconventional and incredibly awkward to watch - but I feel SO much better. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you NASALINE!

Monday, April 21, 2008

What's in a Name?

Growing up I got my fair share of name-teasing. The last name Kopp brought on jokes such as 5-0, the fuzz, kopp-out, Kopp-a-feel, Robokopp - you get the picture. On the flip side, cops would have a good chuckle whenever I was pulled over, and I got out of many speeding tickets because of my last name. Oddly enough, not a SINGLE person in my family has decided to join the police force - which is quite unfortunate, because Officer Kopp would be quite the title. (According to a friend of mine, it's also against all odds - because he's sure that all Chicago-ans are mustached police officers named Bob. The correct statistic is 94%). Believe it or not, my mother's name is Anita Kopp, and it took her ten-plus years to realize the comedy behind it. Some idiot finally dropped the line, "Why - is there a robber?" after she had introduced herself. Despite the jokes, I loved my last name - it was memorable, short, and ALWAYS spelled with a C by strangers.

Names have been on my mind a lot lately with little baby number three coming. Trying to find the perfect first, middle, last name combo can be quite daunting. Madelyn, however, thinks she's got things all figured out. If you ask her about the baby in Mommy's tummy, she'll let you know that there are two. She says that there is a girl baby and a boy baby (because she wants a girl and Jude wants a boy). She's even gone as far as to name these children. The little boy is named Ropey and the little girl is named Closure. Seriously...I have NO idea.

All of this name-thinking came to a head this morning when my regular pediatrician was out of the office. The receptionist said that he would be back tomorrow - but I could meet with the Physician's Assistant if my child was sick. Jude's been running a fever for four days, so I decided I should take him in today. My appointment was ALL seriousness, Dr. Broken Leg. It was even two capitalized words. So even though all members of the Kopp family failed to go into their pre-destined line of work, I'm happy to report that there are many out there that are doing what they are supposed to. AND she was fabulous. It must be the name.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Keeping up with the Wilsons

I have this friend who manages to "immaculately conceive" every single time I say the words, "I think I'm ready for another one." The very-well-educated couple then act shocked to find out that she's pregnant - and wonder..."HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED!" A couple of weeks ago she even called me to say, "Thanks a LOT" when she found out that she was expecting her third. I then always get pregnant within the next few weeks, so we can have children that are the same age.

To this lovely friend and her blaming husband I'd just like to say, you can blame the first two on me, but number three is all your own doing....because I'm due five days before you.

I wasn't going to post this for a few more weeks, but due to some complications we had to have an ultrasound yesterday - and it showed that everything was a-okay. We saw the little peanut, and were able to hear the heartbeat. We're unbelievably excited and due in November. I tag Stefanie, Stacey, and ooooh - how about a little surprise for Jodi as well.

OH! I ALMOST FORGOT - the biggest, fattest, curse of a tag goes out to my sister-in-law Jessica. Your kids can thank me later.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hair Cut

Here's my newest chop.

Aunt Jessica gave Madelyn a 30 piece Ariel puzzle for Christmas, and by New Year's Day Madelyn could put it together with her eyes closed. Yesterday we bought her a 48 piece puzzle, and she can ALMOST finish that one too. The child seems to be a puzzle genius...which she must get from the Wilson side of the family. I DESPISE puzzles. During one very long Christmas vacation at my parent's house (aka - was in college, unmarried, and missing my boyfriend) I decided to do my first, and only, puzzle. I worked on it for four hours, then tried to go to bed. I spent all night dreaming of a spinning puzzle that I couldn't put together, woke up dizzy, and then threw up. So, yes, puzzles literally make me ill. But, hey - if Maddie loves them, then good for her. She'll be smarter than me by the time she's six. Oh - and I do get her out of her pajamas every once in a while.

Friday, April 04, 2008

It's Just Who I Am

For Christmas this year, my lovely friend Ashlee gave me a book called "The Female Brain." I'd first like to say that I loved this book. I learned a lot - and it has given me tons of insight to my moods, my husbands thoughts, and what makes us different. I recommend it 100%. That is, however, all I'd like to say about this book. I know there are a lot of people out there that genuinely enjoy reading books, and then discussing them in groups. I believe these people say that they are in "book clubs." I have been invited to these "clubs" on several occasions by my friend Stefanie, to which I politely decline, and say, "friends don't invite friends to book club." I just don't have the desire to sit around and say things like, "remember that part where she..." to which the other person says, "yeah. that was awesome." I spent all of high school regurgitating my readings to my teachers, and I think that was enough for me.

This takes me back to my book. Because quiet time is rare in our home - I kept this book in the bathroom, and would read a page every time I took a seat. It took me a LONG time to finish, but it was a good way to make myself read. A few weeks ago Rob and I had some friends over for games, and one of them snuck off to the bathroom and saw my book. When he returned he shared the title with the four other guys that were here - and they had a hay-day with it. Here are some of the highlights from the ONLY "book club"I have ever been to. Again, the book was called "The Female Brain."

Ben - "You turn the book upside down and it moos."

Brad - 'It's 200 + pages of 'letting you down easy'."

Adam - "It's just blank pages."

Ben - "It's extra toilet paper."

Brad - "It's actually a coloring book."

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Family Portrait

Maddie is all about the drawing these days - here's a picture of Rob, Me, Maddie and Jude. As a mother, I'm unbelievably impressed with her skills.