Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Just thought I'd give everyone a quick update. Sorry to be slacking, but we don't get our internet installed until tomorrow...I HOPE! The move is complete, and I'm finishing up unpacking - a MUCH bigger task than our last move. We're all done painting and the carpet is down. There are still a million little projects that we can work on, but I think it looks fabulous as is. I'm so excited to be in my own place - although it doesn't feel real at times ( I still find myself trying to keep the noise down for the downstairs neighbors). I'll post some pictures of the house in a couple of days.
As for Madelyn - she's huge, and active. I can't keep a close enough watch on her. Yesterday she pulled the vacuum down on herself, pulled the entertainment center shelf on top of herself, and managed to eat a handful of Rob's hair (he had cut it the night before and left the remains in the garbage can). She pulls herself up on everything - and can stand without holding on to things. I almost prefer this stage, because she spends more time doing that than crawling. The girl is a rocket when it comes to crawling. She'll get her sights on a destination, then put her head down and charge - I often feel like a matador with the way she comes at me. Speaking of - here she comes. Hope all is well with everyone else - Welcome home Grandma and Grandpa - glad you had fun in Kuai!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Busiest of Times

What a week! We closed on our house on Friday, and have been going crazy trying to get everything done before we move in. But as of today - the only thing left is getting the carpet installed. Here is a sneak preview of our first home!!

What A Mighty Good Man

Before I met Rob I had never even picked up a paintbrush. He has taught me so much about fixing things myself. I'm not sure where he picked up all these skills - but he can do ANYTHING: drywall, paint, roofing, coolers, sprinklers, gardening, plumbing, electric, and does it all with a smile. He has been a miracle worker since we bought our house. There's no way we could have paid to have all the work done on our home. Thanks Robby, I love you!!


What a doll

Eight months already. And no, it's not the camera. That REALLY is the color of the carpet in our apartment. Yeah, I didn't think they still made it either.
*****I feel I should add a side note to this. My dad asked me yesterday what kind of carpet we had put into our new home. He asked if it was a brown burbur. I was confused, but then realized that he had seen these pics, and thought they were taken at our house. As hard as Rob and I looked, were unable to find this color of carpet for our home. We were devastated, but ended up getting a different color for our house. AGAIN - - THIS IS NOT OUR NEW CARPET!!


She'll be walking in no time. I can't believe she has figured out how to pull herself up. This was the first time she ever did it. I was out of the room for maybe a minute, and came back in to find her like this. Boy was she pround of herself.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

If I had more time...

I feel like it has been ages since anything has been posted, and to all you "frequent checkers" I apologize. About three weeks ago, something clicked in Maddie's little head, and she began crawling. There was a day or two of clumsiness, but after that, she just took off. Since then, I can't let her out of my sight. I turn around for two minutes, and she's eating someone's shoes or playing with the outlets. Less than a week after crawling, she started pulling herself up onto things. I am NOT ready for this, but she is. She is so much happier now that she's mobile. All the frustration is gone, and she's always showing off. She'll pull herself up on the couch, hold herself up with one hand, and shake the other as if she's doing the "Look Mom, no hands" dance.
I love all of these things, but my favorite - by far - is when she acts like a lion. I know she doesn't do this on purpose, but she crawls around and says, "Raaaahhhhh." It cracks me up.
The other day I walked into her room and found her bathing her bath tub. She had the sponge that we use on her out, and she was washing the tub with it. Apparently she didn't see me because when I laughed she freaked out. She threw the sponge, and laid flat on the floor, like "you didn't see anything." I kept calling her name but she wouldn't move. Finally I went over to pick her up, and she was just lying on the floor with a huge "Mom fell for it" grin. She's going to be a real character. I'll try to post some pictures as soon as I can.