Friday, September 24, 2010

Story Time


"Hello, Little Miss Giggles," he laughed.  "And how are you today?" But then he noticed her sad little face.

"What's wrong?" Mr Happy asked anxiously.  "You're the happiest person I know!"  He paused.  "Next to myself of course."

"I've lost my giggle," she explained miserably.

"Lost your giggle?"  He asked befuddled. "Well, we'll just have to find it again, won't we? "

"Come on," he said, and taking her by the hand, he took her off to see Mr. Funny.

            *                  *                   *                   *

Rob: So, why would they take Little Miss Giggles to see Mr. Funny?
Maddie and Jude:  uh, uh, hummm, uhh...
Rob:  What kind of person do you think Mr. Funny is?
kids: uh, mmmmm, I don't know.
Rob:  Is he sad?  Is he angry?
kids:  (blank stares)
Me:  Okay, guys - this is an easy one. If Little Miss Giggles is giggly, and Mr. Happy is happy, then Mr.  Funny is.....?
Jude:  A pillow?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monkey See...

Monkey Do...

Will somebody please hire this kid?  I can't take all this working from home. She has even learned to "shush" me and silently point to her computer if I ask her to do something.  Seriously, folks - how can I argue with a five year old, a broken-toy laptop, and a comcast remote?!  She means business.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My older brother, Dan, got married last week in Culver, Indiana (one of my favorite places on earth). The wedding was SO BEAUTIFUL, and our little family was asked to be a part of it. Maddie and Jude made the cutest little flower girl and "ring boy," and I was one of Marissa's bridesmaids. Our camera isn't working right, so we're still waiting on a bunch of pictures from family members. But for now - take a quick peek at the wedding. Yes..that's me sobbing up front. I knew (and warned everyone) that this union would get me all sorts of emotional. Dan and Marissa and I have been close friends for many, many years - and I couldn't be happier that the two of them found their perfect match in each other. Love you both SO, SO much! Congratulations!

After the wedding, Maddie and Jude charmed everyone at the reception. I kept losing Jude, only to find him slow dancing (or fast dancing for that matter) with complete strangers. They just kept stealing him away. By about midnight Jude had lost all energy and fell asleep coloring. I honestly think I had a little crush on my own kids that night. I couldn't stop blushing over how cute they were!

Doesn't Jude look like a little stud in the tux? As he was getting fitted for it, he kept smiling and looking at himself in the mirror. I said, "buddy - do you think you look handsome?" And he said, "Yeah, Mom. And Chloe is going to look so pretty, too." I was a bit confused and asked why he thought Chloe would be there. He responded with, "because I'm going to wear this to marry her."

(If you don't remember who Chloe is, click HERE)

I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. The poor little kid really was getting excited for his own wedding to cute little Chloe. Give it a few years, pal - then we'll start talking about that one!

You can enjoy some better wedding pictures HERE. My little broken camera doesn't do this beautiful day justice.