Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Video Share

Usually I am just "meh" about the Olympics.

Yes, I realize that makes me 1. un-American and 2. Awful.

No need to rub it in, I just don't get that excited about the whole ordeal...sorry.

Can I win back your faith and love by posting this video?  Because, honestly, it's the happiest the Olympics have ever made me.  Proof that there is a human in here, somewhere!

So presh.

 BDEM: Listening to Claire's unforgettable laugh as Rob tickled her little arm-pitties.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

One Year Ago...

Claire hated food THIS much:

Yes, this is the same Claire that is often found roaming the house carrying an entire bag of potato chips. This is also the same Claire that is in the 99th percentile for her weight.

 Living proof that miracles do happen...

 and sometimes miracles go too far.

BDEM: My wonderful sister in law and (more importantly) good friend, Lindy, is in town! We loved spending the afternoon visiting with their family - and can't wait to see them again tomorrow!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

 ...and only five days after losing the first one.  In her words - being seven is awesome.

And now they are teeth twinners! 

BDEM:  Free Slurpees for the entire family on 7/11?  Oh, heck yes!  They even had a sugar free option for me.  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy! maybe blogging is becoming a bit of a habit again.  I guess there are worse things that I could take up.  I'll just go with it.

I try...and I mean REALLY TRY to keep my house in pretty decent condition.  It gets messy, obviously - seeing as how I have four kids, but I always like to have the 4pm clean up that resets my sanity.

The 4pm clean up hasn't happened since last Friday.

My house is a PIG STYE.  I honestly cannot walk into a single room without seeing crap everywhere.  Things have just been so crazy busy around here that I haven't had a 4pm (or a 3pm or even a 10pm) since Friday.

This morning I watched some of my darling neighbor's children - and as we stood in my kitchen as she picked them up we could honestly see black footprints (several sets of them) leading from my back door - to my kitchen sink - then back out the door.  I looked at those footprints while standing in front of my full sink of dishes wondering what the heck happened around here.

In most cases neighbors wouldn't even be invited into my home when it looked like this. So today, as I gear up for my evening sweep of the house, I am grateful for friends that just don't judge.  The kind that wouldn't think twice about the footprints/dishes/spilled raisins/overflowing garbage and will just carry on a normal conversation with you as if everything were completely normal.

You're awesome, Jessica.  Totally awesome.

BDEM:  On top of my ridiculous mess, I idiotically decided that TODAY was the day that we needed to take cookies to the local firemen that saved my father-in-law's business.  I whipped up a quadruple batch and Rob and I took the kids over with the pictures they had drawn as a thank you.  Even though it was bad baking timing, the kids had a blast.  The firemen were so nice and showed the kids all over the place - while trying to convince Rob that he really should follow his heart and become a fireman.  I wish I had taken pictures!  

Monday, July 09, 2012


Oh, man.....I am WASTED tired - and not that I'm blogging every day again - but I feel that I should just put a little something out there from Maddie's party today.  We had nineteen kids here - followed by a trip to seven peaks with my brother and his family....AND to add to my exhaustion, today was the hardest workout in our new program.  (It's called Les Mills Pump - check it out, we love it!)

So I'll wrap up tonight with my favorite shot from all of Maddie's birthday pictures:

I told Rob that if I were a seven year old, I would have loved this party.  I hope all 19 of them felt the same!

BDEM:  Maddie was so grateful for this day.  I'm so happy that everything went well and that she felt like a princess for an afternoon!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Watching Time Fly

Counting Down

Birth Day

First Birthday

Second Birthday 
Third Birthday

Fourth Birthday

Fifth Birthday

Sixth Birthday
Seventh Birthday

Happy Birthday to my beautiful firstborn.   You are the sweetest, kindest and funniest seven year old I have ever met.  I am honored to be your mother and am so proud of the amazing girl you are.  Love you, Sunshine!  

BDEM:  Maddie LOVED her presents.  I was at such a loss as to what to get her (iPad, TV, and dog were all ruled out) but we ended up getting her a new hat, a purse, a kids bop CD, some chapter books and a little clip on light so she can read in her bed at night.  It was a random year, but she couldn't have ben more excited for each gift. 

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Even at her messiest...

I can't seem to get enough of this mug.

BDEM:  It's been a crazy day of running around for Maddie's birthday tomorrow, but I think everything is done (for tomorrow at least - Monday will be a whole different story) and I'm feeling good about the way it all came together!  

Friday, July 06, 2012

It's Finally Out!

This tooth has been loose (I kid you not) since before Christmas.

 ...and she couldn't be happier that it happened just three days before her 7th birthday.

GOOD GRIEF - how is she already seven?  Funny how she has aged and yet somehow I am still 23.  Guess I'm just lucky that way!

BDEM:  Her whistling S's as she tried to tell us how exthited thee ith about finally loothing thith tooth!  

Thursday, July 05, 2012

And I haven't even missed it...

I really should blog again, huh?  Truth is - it's the last thing on my mind, and when I do remember old buddy-blog, I have no idea what to write about.  How on EARTH did I do this for an entire year?

Send me some ideas - will ya?

Let's end this post with the many faces of Ella Bell.  This kid can't do anything without giggling - then hiccuping.
Show me your happy face

Show me your mean face

Show me your angry face

Show me your serial killer silly face

Show me your tired face

Show me your surprised face

Show me your scary face

I'm going to guess that acting is probably not in her future.  I'm also going to guess that professional hairdressing isn't in mine. 

BDEM:  OH MY HEAVENS!  Best surprise ever when some of my greatest friends (who live in Florida) showed up at my door.  I think I honestly squealed when Ben and Kat pulled up.  I wanted to cry when they drove away.  I have missed them  terribly this summer.  Thanks for the visit - love and miss you guys!