Friday, May 30, 2008


Okay, dear friends...

If you haven't already noticed, I recently put a poll on the left side of my page. Rob and I have an appointment this afternoon to check the gender of this baby - so lets get some votes on there, and MAYBE I'll share the results!

Oh, and for you guessers of Vegas Gelato - no one even came close. I think Sarah had the closest guess, but went over - so she's out anyway. Rob and I paid a whopping $27 for two servings of gelato. I was SO mad, that I told Rob, "I can't even enjoy this." To which shook his fist and said, "You'd better enjoy it." They caught us with the free taste, and didn't advertise prices. Livid.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Only 10%?

Hi. My name is Melissa, and I have a phobia. Just looking at this picture makes me nauseous. I've always known that I was really nervous around moths (understatement of the year) but after watching this video I'm realizing that it's a full blown phobia. Here are a few things that should have clued me in earlier:

I have driven off the road - on SEVERAL occasions because there was a moth in my car. I then had to evacuate my car, and wait for someone to get the moth out - even if it was a complete stranger.

I once avoided my front bathroom for three days because there was a moth in it, and Rob was out of town. I had to leave a sign on the door that said, "MOTH" so I wouldn't accidentally walk in.

I sat alone, outside for three hours in college waiting for Mary to come home and make sure there wasn't a moth in the house.

I go into a full blown panic attack at the sight of an open door or window on summer nights.

I have nightmares of moths in my ears and hair.

The phobia extends to birds and butterflies, but neither are as severe as my freak-outs with moths. You will NEVER see me in a room where there's a possiblity for one to enter. The worst part about all of this is that I absolutely know that there is NOTHING a moth can do (save it be flutter me to death) that can hurt me - but the fear is still overwhelming. The video surprised me when it said that only 10% of people have phobias. I assumed everyone did. Please tell me I'm not alone. Please tell me that there is a secret society for the wise that are equally scared of these satanic creatures. If you think I'm ridiculous - fine, I'm sure I deserve that, but you ARE scared of something - right??

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vegas and Tell

I am one of those people that actually LOVE Vegas. Yes it's dirty and expensive, but I'm still a huge fan. As I mentioned in my last post, Rob surprised me for our five year anniversary with a three night stay in Vegas, sans kids. We had an AMAZING time. The drive is not a big deal, about five hours - but I KNEW that we'd get a ticket on this trip, and not thirty seconds after the thought crossed my mind, Rob was pulled over: 94 in a 75, but the "polite" officer knocked it down to ten over: bad luck begins.

Once you hit Nevada, there's still about 80 miles to drive, but it always seems like Vegas is "just over this hill.." It always reminds me of this clip:

We spent the first day hitting the major hotels, riding the new monorail, eating at buffets, and doing plenty of shopping. It was low sixties and rainy for the entire trip (bad luck continues) so no time for the pool.

We even got to see Pete Rose at Caesar's Palace

We then went to see the Bodies Exhibit at the Tropicana - an exhibit where they preserve human bodies, and then strip them down layer by layer so you can actually see every part of the body: skin, bones, muscles, brain, EVERYTHING. It was unreal.

The next day we hit In and Out Burger for Lunch - Rob's favorite. It was BY FAR the most crowded fast food restaurant I have ever seen. Standing room only. Then we went shopping at H&M - my favorite place to shop in Europe that has now made it to the states.

Then while cruising the Hard Rock Hotel, we got to meet THIS GUY!

You know him - he's the guy from a bunch of James Bond movies - or my favorite, the guy that says, "And you can count on me, waiting for you, in the parking lot." From Happy Gilmore. We got an autographed picture of him actually saying that line which he signed, "Dear Melissa, your ball struck my foot. Richard Kiel." I was in HEAVEN. I've ALWAYS loved this guy. And, really, WHO meets this guy? Where IS this guy? It was perfect.

That night we went to see Cirque Du Soleil's LOVE show. It was amazing. One of the best shows I've ever seen. I really can't say enough about it. What a beautiful and funny tribute to such a legendary band.

We took off Sunday afternoon, and wouldn't you know it - Rob got pulled over again. (Bad luck finale) apparently he had kind-of learned his lesson, because this time he was clocked at 87 in a 75. On a fluke, the guy let us off with a warning. I guess he couldn't yet tell that Rob was already driving on a ticket. Otherwise I'm sure we'd both be currently rotting in Juab County Jail.

This whole trip was everything I needed. By far the most fun Vegas trip I've ever had. Thanks so much Rob for making this such a special anniversary. Let's end with a little game, shall we? Can anyone guess how much these two scoops of Gelato cost us? (One scoop per cup)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Great Outdoors

I'm terribly behind, but my camera has been giving me grief - so I'll catch up when I get back from my SURPRISE TRIP TO VEGAS that Rob planned for our five year anniversary!! I am beyond excited...our first, post-children, vacation. I will, however, post a few pictures of what I've been enjoying most this spring.

Rob and I have spent the past few summers slaving over our backyard, and it seems as though this summer we finally get to sit back and enjoy all of our hard work. Here's our new and improved backyard.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Got Time?

I just took this REALLY long 80's lyrics quiz....if you've got the time, it's pretty fun. Then come back and share your score. I'm REALLY interested to see my brother-in-law, Aaron's score. I'm pretty sure he knows everything about every song, EVER written. He's so boring. I think Jodi will do pretty well too.

I got a 129. Oh, and spelling counts, so be careful!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Excuses, anyone?

While driving to the pediatrician's office yesterday my gum was suddeny full of sand. I pulled the gritty piece from my mouth and there it was - half of my only crown/veneer. I had this crown put on about a year ago, and my heart immediately sank - for I now find myself in a pickle.

You see, I take pretty good care of my teeth....I had lots of cavities as a kid, but as an adult have had two, maybe three. The crown I speak of was an old filling that managed to wiggle loose, and become another cavity under the filling. The dentist "didn't see this" in my x-ray, and broke my tooth in half while drilling. I didn't go back to that dentist. The new dentist said we'd give the huge hole in my mouth a root canal, and then replace the left-over tooth with a veneer. Done. $500+ dollars later (insurance INCLUDED) I had a new, fancy, smooth, tooth.

At the end of my appointment the Dr. gave me a "certificate of authenticity" of some sort stating that they'd guarantee the veneer for five years, as long as my six-month-tooth-cleanings were up to date. I just missed my six month cleaning....six months ago. Now what???

If this dentist won't guarantee my veneer - I'm surely not going to go back to them, only to get another shoddy one that crumbles in a year. On the other hand, if I don't throw enough of a fit - I'll have to pay another $500+ to another dentist.

Kris - you're my dental friend....what do I do - and DON'T give me any 6-months appt grief - I'm a mother of two, and who REALLY goes every six moths on the dot? It's like oil changes - we all wait 5000 miles anyway. The fact that I feel this is a very accurate picture of a dentist's office does not make it any easier to go, either.

Monday, May 05, 2008's been a while. Let me just excuse my absence by saying I've had company for two weeks, while Rob was in Italy with the camera. He had an amazing trip to Venice, while I had an amazing stay with family. Seeing as how I don't have any new pictures to put up, I'll just let Greg and Mandy show off the trip in their fancy-photo way.

Thanks Greg, Mandy and Mom for the good times. I'm pretty sure I'll never eat out again. That is, until the next time you're all here to visit.