Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween (Twenty Eleven)

 Hope your Halloween was as as awesome as ours!

BDEM:  We really only have one Halloween tradition, and it's riding the haunted train.  The older kids loved it, Claire...not so much!  

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm So Glad....

...when Daddy comes home.

Look at how much fun the kids have when I'm gone, and Daddy is here: (You can pause the music over on the right side of the screen)

BDEM:  Today was a rare treat at church.  It was the Sunday where all the young kids put on a program - singing songs and being all adorable.  I always get so choked up watching my kids show us all they have learned over the year.  Maddie sang her heart out, and never stopped smiling.  She remembered her speaking part - and was delighted to be there.  Jude didn't do much singing, but did wave to us at least ten times.  There was also a good five minutes where he just sat in the front and picked his nose.  I couldn't be more proud!  

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Ella is obsessed with brushing her hair.  She walks around with at least one brush (she often double-fists) at  all times.  A few nights ago I woke up at about 4am, (yeah...I was ACTUALLY sleeping)  decided to go to the bathroom, and was startled when I saw Ella sitting on my toilet.  I whispered, "Ella, are you going potty, honey?"  She in a half state of sleep responded with, "Yeah.  Mommy, I need the brush. Gotta brush my hair."

At some point last night Ella snuck into my bed.  I woke up this morning to find her AND three brushes in my bed.  As funny as this all is to me, she has lost the ONLY brush I use.  When I ask her where it is, she keeps telling me it's outside.  Great.  Gross.  Guess I'll just have to start looking in all the weird hiding places my yard has to offer, because I still can't seem to find it.

All brushing aside - this girl sure knows how to accessorize.  When in doubt, wear everything.

BDEM:  Today was another wonderful day.  Maddie and Jude went over to Oliver's (Maddie's boyfriend) house for a Halloween party, and I was able to do a little bit of shopping with only Ella and Claire.  That was a really great hour and a half, but, ya know...this may sound dumb - but I'm just going to throw it out there. Every night before couch/computer vegging time, I sneak into my bathroom and pull out my contact lenses.  I know this sounds dumb - but I swear that some days NOTHING makes me happier than to get those suckers out.  Even though I don't realize they are driving me nuts, just the feeling of relief that comes once they are sitting in saline solution can often qualify as a BDEM.  And today, it kind of did. I think I actually said, "Ahhhhh," as I pulled them out.  It's like a massage for my eyeballs.  Am I a freak for loving that moment SO much?!  

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Opposite of BDEM

Doing this whole BDEM (Best Day Ever Moment) has been a lot of fun for me, because it really makes me reflect upon my day and think about something that has made me happy.  I've had a bunch of friends do similar things on their blogs, and they seem to be enjoying the extra positive boost as well - so cheers to BDEM!

On the opposite note, I often have moments during the day where I think things like, "Does this qualify as the WDEM (Worst Day Ever Moment)?  Not that I'm looking for them, but it's funny that in all things there is opposition.  I generally don't think it when something really bad happens, just more in moments of, "Huh?  Really?"  So I guess it wouldn't technically be a WDEM, just a bizarre in which I find frustration.

Here is today's example of, "Well, that doesn't qualify as a BDEM...":

At about 8:40am I decided to jump in the shower, knowing that I only had five minutes to shower.  I could have waited until after taking Madelyn to school, but I just really, really needed to wake up.  (One of the other things that is almost a guarantee with my kids is that as soon as I get in the shower - someone will need to talk to me.)  Continuing...I get in the shower and start to wash my hair when Maddie starts talking through the door.

As always, I tell her that I can't hear/understand her - we'll talk in a minute.

She is persistent, and smashes her mouth against the door and talks louder.

Maddie - I really can't hear you.

MOM!  blah-blah-blah....

Sigh....I only have three minutes to shower - please just let me finish.




(We are now several minutes into my five minute shower, and all I've done is washed my hair)

Okay, Madelyn - hang on.

I step out for a second, grab a towel and open the door.


No, I just wondered why you needed to get in the shower before I am going to school?  Are you trying to make me late?  We have to leave soon.


BDEM:  I've had quite a few today.  It really has been a great day, but I think one thing that really sticks out is the time I spent trying to learn photoshop.  I've always wanted to learn how all of my friends are making cute invitations and photo collages, etc....and taking the time today made me feel like I have (gasp) a HOBBY!  I don't know that I've had one before, except reading (rare) and blogging.  I am still super confused, but I'm starting to get some small aspects of photoshop.  Baby steps, baby steps.


Thursday, October 27, 2011


I got a call from Rob tonight telling me to head over to his dad's office...because it was on fire!  I loaded up the kids, got stuck in MAJOR traffic (the three lanes were closed down to one, and everyone was rubber-necking), and finally made it over.  It was so sad to see my father-in-law's buildings in such bad shape.  He owns the car dealership that is located there, and then rents out the rest of the buildings to other companies. All of them were trashed.  

You can see the story HERE.

He and my mother in law were handling it so well.  It's funny, but as I watched all the news cameras, I couldn't help but think of how many times I have seen things like this on the news, and thought, "Oh, that's too bad..." and moved on.  It's so different when you actually realize how much devastation is involved, and just how much can be lost so quickly.  Love and prayers go out to you all tonight, I'm just glad there was nobody in the building when it happened.

BDEM:  Knowing that my father in law, his brother, and all of the other workers are okay.  It was funny, but as Maddie was saying her bedtime prayers, she thanked Heavenly Father that nobody was hurt - not just grandpa, but all of the people that work there.  She also prayed that the building could be saved, and grandpa could go back to work there "real soon."

So precious.  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nothing but Chub

Oh my goodness, I am in love with this picture.  It's Claire doing a very scared version of "How big is Claire Bear?"   Oh, how I wish those cheeks were edible.

BDEM:  Carving Pumpkins!  The kids have been counting down the days since (what seems like) the fourth of July.  It was everything they hoped it'd be.  Check out their awesome artwork:
L to R:  Ella's, Maddie's, Claire's, Jude's 
You can always tell Maddie's pumpkin because it will have a heart nose and eyelashes. 

Spooky - Scary....kind of like a Werewolf Bah Mitzvah.  Anyone?  Anyone? 

"Pumpkins on fire" - Jude

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Can't talk.....learning to Pinterest.

Have some hesitation to put things out there....worrying that people will see things I like and say, "that was a silly pin - is that really what she likes?"

Realizing that's not the point - pinning it anyway.

Realizing that I have cheap taste.

Realizing there are a million things to look at.

Realizing I have ADD.

Getting back to it...

BDEM:  The three seconds in which Rob and I high-fived in between his getting home and my walking out the door.  It's been (and is going to be) an interesting adjustment of never seeing my husband.  Maybe I should do that now - instead of blogging.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Please Explain...

I keep hearing the word Pinterest.  I have stumbled upon the site a couple of times, and I don't really get it.  It's like a million cool things, but the scrolling doesn't end.  Is it really just one long loop of awesomeness that dares to distract me even more?

My cousin...or cousin's cousin...or second cousin's daughter....or the daughter of my cousin once removed (I'm talking about you, Amanda) has a really awesome Pinterest page - and everything on it was pretty, or classy, or edible, or useful.  Is that the point?

I hear so many people talking about it - are you pinteresting?  If so - I need the following answers:


Should I be doing this?  Do I need to have interests to Pinterest?  I'm just confused, but eager to learn.  Teach me, my friends!

BDEM:  Check out the photos below - Maddie and Jude set up a restaurant for Rob and I to enjoy what Maddie kept calling a "honey date."  As in, two honeys on a date.  It was like a scene from parent trap.  Jude made the food (pulled the appropriate plastic food out of our play kitchen), Maddie served the food (I had flying food (?) and Rob had green eggs and ham), and Ella played the music (danced around the room pushing the buttons on one of those musical books). Best honey date I've ever been on.  Oh - and it was in the morning, so forgive the PJs, hair and glasses.

The pumpkin actually glows, so it was the candle centerpiece

"Everybody say cheers for the honey date!"  

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Go to this link, then come back.  Seriously, go - because it this post won't make any sense if you don't. Scroll all the way to the bottom...see if you notice anything.

Click HERE.  

What the heck?!  My friend, Mandi, sent me an email the other day showing me what she had found online - asking if I had any idea that Cornbelly's was using my quote on their site.  I did not know, but have been laughing about it all week.  I was curious how they found my blog, so I googled Cornbelly's, to see if my blog came up because I had blogged about it.  I looked through 24 pages of google, and finally gave up.  They make it seem like "Our Little Maddie Blog" is a household, "Oh, didn't you hear what Our Little Maddie Blog said about cornbelly's?  I'm totally going!"  I'm quoted like the site name actually means something to the general public - or I am some kind of reputable source.  The part that makes me laugh the most is that is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever written!  I actually used the word "hotspot."  

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Cornbelly's, I just can't believe that of all the things I'm ever going to get published in this life, it had to be some ridiculous tag line that I am mortified of!  

Why couldn't I write something like:

We went for the Boo's and stayed for the Ahh's (©Melissa W.  October 2011...try to steal it now!) 

No...I call it the local halloween/fall hotspot.  I used a SLASH!  They quoted my SLASH!  I would have at least just said it was the local halloween hotspot, and skipped the whole slash had I only known Cornbelly's was on the hunt for free endorsements. 

Oh, the things you don't think will ever get noticed when you throw them out into the blogger world!


Thanks, Mandi, for sharing.  Now you can all see that at one point in my life I said something that was important enough to be requoted.

"Cornbelly's is the local Halloween/fall hotspot"
  -Our Little Maddie Blog

Tell your kids, because now that Our Little Maddie Blog has endorsed it, it's a fact.

BDEM:  I made Tortilla Pizza for dinner tonight (which I should add would not have been possible if my darling neighbor Trina hadn't loaned me three cups of flour) and it was wonderful!  The kids even ate it...happily!  It was a bit more work than I was expecting, but if you're interested in making it the recipe can be found HERE
It would have been really tasty (and more photogenic) with fresh tomatoes, but we were out.  Rob and the kids also thought black olives would have been a nice addition, but I pretended not to hear that request.  
I have been sending a lot of people to Pioneer Woman's Website lately.  Maybe she can thank me by leaving a horrible quote of mine on her blog ("Pioneer Woman cook food good").  Should you venture out and make it, don't bother trying to make homemade tortilla strips - just buy them.  They're just one extra step, and truthfully, mine were a bit chewy. "I no fry good." 

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Oh man, I am so glad to be sitting at my computer right now.  The house is quiet, the dishes are done, the floors are vacuumed, the kids are bathed and in bed, and my aching feet are dying to be put up. I've got Sigur Ros coming out of the iPod dock, and I am slowly releasing the day.  It is peaceful now, but about two hours ago this house was CHAOS!

Let me start out by saying that Rob has been gone since Wednesday morning, so the kids and I have been on our own for the past four days.  They have been really, really great - and I have enjoyed all of the things we did, and all the fun we had.  We've watched movies, we've had dinner for breakfast, we went to the park with our friends, we've played outside for hours and hours, and have just really made the most we could of fall break.

Right after our pancake dinner I told all the kids to get ready for the shower - I showered Jude, then Maddie and then went to go find Ella.  Although she had already stripped down, she suddenly decided she wanted nothing to do with the shower.  She screamed, she ran away, she cried, she kicked, all of the requirements for a perfectly executed fit.  I finally just picked her up, and put her in the shower.  She screamed and cried the whole time - so I rushed through, got her out, gave her a towel and told her to get her jammies on.  THEN she started screaming that she wanted to go back into the shower.  This fit was even louder and longer - but for the exact opposite reason than the first.  Some days I really just don't get kids!  So I left her in her room, in her towel, and went to blow dry Maddie's hair while she was kicking the door buck naked.

I went into the hall bathroom and started to blow dry Maddie's hair, when I heard a thud.  Ella came in, still screaming about wanting to get into the shower - only this time she had blood gushing from both nostrils.  Apparently, she decided to break free of her room, and try to get back into the tub (which was in my room).  She slipped on all of the water that she had sprayed on the floor during her fit and fell nose first into the side of the tub.

She is still hysterical and I am trying to hold her gushing nose (she is still only crying about getting back into the tub - and not the pain) when I hear Jude calling for me from my bathroom.  I take Ella in (still pinching her nose) and Jude says, "Uh, mom?  I kinda let the poop out before I could get all the way on the toilet. I waited too long, and it just started coming out."  I can see he has poop on the floor, and the front of the toilet as well as the toilet seat.  It is also on his freshly bathed thighs.  Did I mention it smells HORRENDOUS?!  It was so bad that he even mentioned, "I don't know why this one is so smelly!"  I tell Ella to hold her nose - and get to work cleaning up the poop.  Frustrated, I ask Jude what the heck he was so busy doing that he couldn't get to the toilet fast enough.  "Well, I just wanted to pretend I was Oscar the Grouch a little bit longer."  Seriously.

At some point in the middle of the poop-clean up, Ella escaped. When I realized she was gone, I ran to make sure she wasn't dripping blood all over the house.  When I got to the family room, I was no longer worried about the blood.  She had (obviously just to get back at me) dumped all five baskets of laundry that I spent my entire afternoon folding.  Now, I don't get REALLY angry a lot, and I didn't say a word when I saw it - but my face must have been on fire, because Ella's immediate words - as I watched her little naked butt run out of the room were, "Sorry, Mommy!  I gonna be nice now!"

I followed her back to her room - where she was putting on her pajamas.  She smiled at me and said, "look at this face mom - it is a happy face."

It was ONE LONG hour!  I'm so glad I survived!

BDEM:  Rob is going to get home really late tonight, but I am so excited to have him back. The kids have missed him terribly, and as I put them to bed tonight they kept talking about how they all had to go right to sleep because tomorrow Dad would be here.  And, "Dad tells the BEST bedtime stories!"

Friday, October 21, 2011


The little end table that Rob and I have had since our first apartment has been looking pretty sad lately.  Seeing as how my favorite thing to do when I'm sad is color and/or cut my hair - I figured a fresh coat of paint would liven old Tabley right up (I kid you not...Jude named it).  We also have members of our family that go by blankey, stooley, and chairy.  

What do you think?  I think Tabley looks much happier. 



Chairy  has been giving Tabley they evil eye...I think she's jealous.  Maybe I'll help her next. 

BDEM:  Finishing the table - no doubt.  I always think of these projects, and never actually do them.  It was so fun to just be outside in the cool air, accomplishing something.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bee Afraid

This little sucker landed on Maddie's foot while she was outside coloring more {good grief} halloween decorations out of chalk.  (We are seriously now the Halloween Equivalent of the Griswolds when it comes to Halloween chalk pictures).  So the bee landed, Maddie screamed, and he stung her. She came running into the house screaming "I don't want that bee on my foot!" I explained to her that it was now gone, and probably a million miles away - but she was still hysterical. "But it never should have landed there!"   I again told her that she was crying for nothing - but then she whipped off her sock, showed me the raised, red bump and I ate crow.  (Why didn't she ever use the words stung, sting, and/or pain in her freaking out?!) I poured a couple drops of lavender oil on it, and she immediately stopped crying.  Love lavender.

 I (being a HORRIBLE MOTHER) took this moment to tell her that this is what piercing her ears would feel like, since she's been asking a lot.  (Sorry to parentheses again - I just have to explain that I'm not against it, I just know that Maddie is the most "vocal" when it comes to even the tiniest pain - hence my earlier ignorance about the bee sting).  She responded with, "It feels like this?  Woah - then I am totally not ready. I'll just take a couple years to think about it."

I should also mention that this gutsy little bee did not survive the sting.  So there is now one less stupid insect charming honey-maker in the world.

There you have it - our first bee sting.  We now know that Maddie is not allergic.  Oh, I'm thinking back to poor Thomas J from My Girl.  {Sniff, sniff} - "He needs his glasses, he can't see without his glasses."

That was the first movie that ever made me cry.  It actually still gets me.  Don't laugh.

Happier times:

BDEM:  There were about a million today.  It was just a really, really great day - but I'm going to say that sitting at the park with all the ladies in the neighborhood (we missed you Stacy) and chatting about every little thing was probably the BDEM.  The weather was divine, the kids got to see all of their friends, and I was out of the house.  I just don't think you can top that.  

Although....this moment definitely came close - Claire hasn't fallen asleep on my shoulder forever!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rules of the Universe

- If you mop your kitchen floor, someone will spill fruit juice on it within twenty four hours

-If you go to the grocery store in your grubbies, you will run into an ex

-If you dress a baby for something special they will spit up/blow out poop all over the outfit before the  

-If you wash your car, it will rain

-If you get on the phone, your children will immediately need your attention

-If you schedule family pictures for the first time in four years, you will have your first trampoline injury

-If your rage-aholic redhead is the receiver of the accidental trampoline head-to-eye bonk, she will immediately retaliate by shoving her fingernails deep into the eye sockets of the little boy that bonked her - adding one more injury to photoshop out.....sorry, Jess!

....Don't even get me started on what happens when you give a mouse a cookie.

BDEM:  Sitting on the couch, right before the kids' bedtime, cuddling with the three older kiddos while we watched Pingu.  We sure love that little Penguin!  We missed Rob, but we know he's hard at work - making deals and kicking butt!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Look what came in the mail today.....

How did I even get on this mailing list?  Didn't they read yesterday's post?!  Geez. 

BDEM:  How pretty is fall?  I loved pulling up to my house today and seeing the way this burning bush just pops with color. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

She's [not] Crafty

I know a lot of people who are really, REALLY crafty.  These people amaze me.  Girls talk about getting together and making a craft, and my mind just goes blank.  I try to keep up with the conversation or act even slightly interested, but the truth is, for me, crafts are just one step up from the sixth day of the flu.  {Yes, you just successfully deduced that I prefer five days of vomiting and body aches} Crafts include: homemade hair ties, anything to do with silk flowers, wreaths, decoupage, ribbon, hot glue guns, scrap booking, fabric markers, paint, get the picture.  It's not that I hate the result of these hobbies - it's actually quite the contrary. I think all of these things are super cute, and often envy those who whip these things up for "fun."  I have two problems with crafts.  1.  I feel like it'd cost me more to make the item than it would to buy it, and I don't feel like shelling out cash for the following result:  2. I am HORRIBLE at them.  I don't want to pay money for the supplies of something that is just going to remind me that I wasted money on a craft I botched.  Then after spending the money, feeling like I have to now display my failure in my home. I'd rather just go bowling or see a movie.  It's more my thing - so if you're up for one of those - call this lady.

I'm sure there are some of you who know me thinking, "You can't be THAT bad at crafts..."  You don't know me well enough.  There are a select few who have been there for the long haul that can back me up 100%.  (Mom, Mary, Stef, Rob...that's about it).

That being said - here are some really, really cute crafts that I recently saw - and hope that some of you crafty types will do.  I won't be doing them - but if you need a cheerleader, or happen to have an extra masterpiece, think of me.

My friend Mary - just completed these:
Popsicle Stick Puzzles - genius. Find them (and a million other crafts) HERE
My friend, Sarah, just completed these super cute trick-or-treating bags.  ADORABLE!

Click HERE for her cute blog

Then I saw this wreath over at Our Best Bites - and have to say that I seriously considered making this - but I don't own a glue gun, so that thought only lingered for about ten seconds.  I still love it though:

If you DO own a glue gun and have more motivation than me - I'd say get right on this.  (Click HERE)
There are a million other D.I.Y projects (I actually DO know that term....I googled it) that I am envying - so these are just a start.  But, crafty girls, I just want to say how awesome and feminine and sweet you are.  If I weren't such a headphones in - hood up kind of tomboy, I'd be all over these.  Thank you for sharing your inspire me!  

BDEM:  This is going to sound ridiculously cheesy, and I love my husband-ish, but so what...I'm cheesy, and I love my husband.  The Best Day Ever Moment was making my husband's special little dinner, and having it ready for him when he came home.  He's been hinting that he would really like it if "one of these days" I could make him THIS sandwich.  It is ridiculously tasty, but has too many calories, so I can't eat it.  Tonight I finally broke down and made him the sandwich - and he smiled as he ate it.  So I guess my BDEM was the happiness that comes from making someone else happy....especially my favorite someone.  

If you haven't tried Pioneer Woman's favorite sandwich - give in.  It's so strangely delicious. HERE.

PS - Wishing a very happy birthday to my handsome father - who is quite possibly my biggest blog follower.  Love you, Dad - thanks for always, ALWAYS respecting, appreciating and supporting me!  You're amazing!  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Four Little Pumpkins

Now for your viewing pleasure, a bunch of pictures of my little pumpkins with pumpkins.  On two separate occasions.  Just consider this round one of obligatory fall pictures.  I guarantee there will be multiple rounds - just because that's how I roll.  I love fall, folks...what else can I say?!  

It's getting harder and harder to get a decent picture of the kids - especially when Ella decides to pout instead

This was the closest I could get to all the kids looking at the same time.  

Claire loved the wagon rides



My brother and Rob with the pumpkin tree

My autumn romance

(INSERT PICTURE OF DEREK AND JESSICA HERE - it was a really cute shot, but naturally my battery died mid shot...sorry guys!)

BDEM:  Our burning bush has turned so red that it almost looks fuchsia . I'll try to get a picture of it tomorrow - but seeing it just made me realize how pretty the earth is this time of year.  

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I am constantly amazed at some of the things people do to their belongings.  I'm not saying you shouldn't "customize" your life - but when it comes to things that you will most likely have to sell again at some point, I really think there should be some sort of limit.

Today while surfing the web I came across these, um, let's just call them "interesting choices."

Originally a Honda Accord - now a time machine.

Originally the Ecto Mobile - now a family vehicle.

Originally could be seen by the naked eye.  Now - completely invisible.

Originally a Government Vehicle.  Now a Jurrasic Park Tour Car.
Originally the car my father always rented (and never failed to curse) on our family ski trips.  Now....well, let's just say that Kermit didn't deserve this.

All that's left of old Kermie is attached to the gear shifter.  

Originally, four separate cars.  Now - it's nothing but a car casserole.

I laugh now, but really - isn't there at least one of these cars that made you think of somebody you know and love? Guess we all just have to be ourselves in the end, and these people definitely did just that.  
BDEM:  Taking our kiddies to pick out their pumpkins.  It had to be the highlight of their month - I'll try to get a wagon picture or two up soon!  

Friday, October 14, 2011


We celebrated our friend, Brandon's birthday tonight...

Indian food (Did you know it's DELICIOUS?!)
Ping Pong - Rob is a master, I am a loser.
Lots and lots of Hall and Oates (you know you love it)
Lord of the Rings Pinball
Laughter, laughter, and then tears from laughter
More laughter - I'm talking my belly hurt, and my cheeks stung laughter

Thanks for inviting us, Brandon - it was a really great night.

BDEM:  It wasn't a best-day-ever-moment, it was a best-day-ever-time-chunk.  It involved all of the earlier events.  

Side note:  Another friend of mine had a Halloween party tonight that I was REALLY looking forward to, but for some reason I didn't realize it fell on the same night as Brandon's party.  (It is odd for Rob and I to have ANY plans that involve anyone outside our house - let alone be invited to TWO social events on the same evening). I hope that everyone that went to that had an awesome time.  The cute girl that threw the party is unbelievably creative, and I can only imagine how ridiculously cool it was.  

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Sad Story

There is a family down the street who sets up quite the Halloween display every year.  Last year the kids were pretty scared of it - but this year Maddie and Jude get revved up every time we get in the car because, "WE ARE GOING TO PASS THE SPOOKY HOUSE!"

Seeing how awesome their display was, Jude mentioned that he would really like to have some Halloween decorations at our house too.  (This was in the middle of the job hunt).  I reminded him that we didn't have a lot of money and probably shouldn't spend any on Halloween decorations.  He really is the most understanding kid I have - and his response killed me.  He very calmly said, "That's okay, Mom.  I can just ask Santa for Halloween decorations, then we can have some for next year."

Being an emotionally trying time, I immediately had to go in the house so he couldn't see how sweet he was, and how sad I was that I couldn't provide him with the silliest little thing.

Today he came in and begged me to come outside to see what he had done with our (neighbor's - oops) driveway.  

"See, Mom!  Now we have Halloween decorations and I can ask Santa for something real."

Smart kid.  Smart, crafty, inventive, understanding kid.  Love him.

BDEM:  I was going to tell you all about yesterday's bread that I finally made - but that took second to finding these pictures when I uploaded the pictures on the camera.