Saturday, August 19, 2006

Week of Fun

Rob's work has spent the week in office limbo - so he spent a lot of time working from home. Lucky for us, it was a slow week at work, and we were able to do a lot. Our first adventure was the "all new" aquarium that for months I had begged Rob to go see. If anyone out there is also considering visiting the aquarium - let me strongly advise against this ridiculous idea. I do realize that I am from Chicago, and have been a bit spoiled with luxurious museums, aquariums, and planetariums - but never have I been SO fooled. We drove thirty minutes to get there, and my huge smile and dancing feet faded when I had to ask Rob, "Why is the aquarium in a strip mall?" I kid you not; they replaced what looked like an out-of-business Chuck E Cheese with an "aquarium." We then paid seven dollars per person to walk through two hallways of tanks. I've seen better fish at Petsmart. There was one cool thing - they have a bunch of sting rays that you can pet (see pictures). Twenty minutes later - we were on our way back home. At least we'll always have the laughs!

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