Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Best of Times

Forgive my absence, dear follower, but my handsome brother and his adorable wife were in town - so I had much better things to do than sit at my computer. Since Greg and Mandy are awesome photographers, they left me with some super cute pictures of my kiddos. 

Over the past week we went on Cotton Candy walks, played softball, held Tetris Attack tournaments, ate at EVERY single restaurant, got addicted to Red Mango, went to St. George, played underwater mini-golf, rode go-karts, hit TWO arcades, spent hours and hours swimming, enjoyed diving board olympics, visited the closed gates of the Tuacahn Theatre, took tons of pictures, made MAJOR hair changes (I'll save that for another post) , and laughed till our bellies hurt.  Did I miss anything?  

Oh....yes, I DID miss something. We also witnessed the picking of the biggest booger ever, courtesy of Madelyn.
Thanks again for coming out, you guys. We had such an amazing time - and can't wait until November.


Kim said...

Awesome booger. Can we talk about Maddie's carseat for a minute? How do you know when your toddler is ready for the next step up, and what exactly is the next step up? Are there different kinds of booster seats for different sized kids?

Mandy said...

The picture of Maddie and her booger is sooo gross but yet sooo AWESOME at the same time! :) Miss you guys!

mom said... wonder I didn't hear from you for all that time. Maddie and her Uncle Greg need to have a contest. I think you should ask him to forward you a picture of his "biggest one" for you to post on here as well. I'm so grateful that the culture we tried to instill in you kids took! Looks like it's even carrying on to the next generation! I'm SO proud