Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back to Mexico!!

We spent the first day of our vacation just lounging at the resort, playing in the pool, exploring the grounds, and eating fresh guacamole and Pico De Gallo. It was the daily 3pm snack. This may sound unbelievably dumb, but boy do those Mexicans really know how to make mexican food!! We also had Mexican hot chocolate with every breakfast and dinner. It's one of my new favorite treats, and since returning home, we've only found one place that even comes close to our Chef, Leopaldo's, version.

If I learned one thing in Mexico, it's that life is better with a personal chef.

The second day we went to a theme park called Xplor, It was located just outside of Playa del Carmen, which was about twenty minutes from our place. The park had four main activities: Zip-lining, swimming through caves, rafting through caves, and jungle buggy driving. The zip-lines were the biggest attraction. You actually cover almost two miles over eleven different lines. I had never been, and I was really nervous about going, but I somehow managed to get up there (I'm talking 1500 feet up-there) and found that zip-lining is awesome. We weren't able to get any pictures, but it was an amazing experience that I will definitely be doing again. Here are some shots of our day at Xplor.

Meet Laura (pronounced Lowda). We never really met her, but Rob and I watched this couple LITERALLY run into every single wall in the cave. We know her name because her poor embarrassed husband kept crying out, "Oy, Lowda!" when she would hit a wall. I couldn't understand all of the "encouraging" things this man was saying to Lowda, but Rob could...and he couldn't stop laughing. Rob and I ended up taking the longer route (supposedly twenty minutes longer) just to get out from behind these two. But about five minutes before the tour was over, the routes merged, and we found ourselves right back behind them. Oy. Lowda.

(While wrapping up this post, I was reminded that Xplor was NOT day 2, but day 3. Looks like I'm missing a lot of pictures of our day at Tulum. I'll try to get some from my family, and post about it soon !)


Deon said...

Honestly, I never knew any place like this actually existed; it all looks just like a dreamy movie set! How could you bear to come home to cold and snowy Utah without throwing a hissy fit at the airport? (You didn't, did you?)

The second to last picture is adorable of you!!!

Stacey said...

Uh, what the heck is that behind you guys when you took the big group shot?

Kendal and Alissa said...

I think I agree with you even though I have never experienced it myself....life would be better with a personal chef! Darling pictures....you have such a cute family. I wish we could have been adopted in for that vacation!