Monday, April 12, 2010


We spent our Saturday
flying high in the sky
dancing more

hitting Jude while dancing
reaching new heights
learning to ride a 2 wheeler
and cleaning out the dryer vent. Thanks, birds. {Their "nest" came halfway up the dryer vent.} Did you do anything fun?


Snarr mama said...

LOVE this post! Can't wait for warm weather.

Robbins said...

How come you look so pretty when you're just hanging out at the park? I go in my pjs! I hope I never run into you there. :) I'd be SOO embarrassed! JK

Jodi said...

Cute pictures!! Cute kids! (you and Rob aren't bad either!)

Jessica Kopp said...

For an anti-park mom, it sure looks like you were having a great time. Syd is going to be super jealous of Maddie on the 2-wheeler. We've been working on it for 2 years now with no success.

Wilson Family said...

What a great Saturday! Looks like great weather. And you got some adorable pictures of the kiddos!

jwilson said...

ADORABLE kids!!! Looks like a fun weekend!

Look at your EYES in that top pic of you and Rob-GORGEOUS! Miss you!

mom said...

Ah....warms my heart to see you all so happy.