Friday, September 24, 2010

Story Time


"Hello, Little Miss Giggles," he laughed.  "And how are you today?" But then he noticed her sad little face.

"What's wrong?" Mr Happy asked anxiously.  "You're the happiest person I know!"  He paused.  "Next to myself of course."

"I've lost my giggle," she explained miserably.

"Lost your giggle?"  He asked befuddled. "Well, we'll just have to find it again, won't we? "

"Come on," he said, and taking her by the hand, he took her off to see Mr. Funny.

            *                  *                   *                   *

Rob: So, why would they take Little Miss Giggles to see Mr. Funny?
Maddie and Jude:  uh, uh, hummm, uhh...
Rob:  What kind of person do you think Mr. Funny is?
kids: uh, mmmmm, I don't know.
Rob:  Is he sad?  Is he angry?
kids:  (blank stares)
Me:  Okay, guys - this is an easy one. If Little Miss Giggles is giggly, and Mr. Happy is happy, then Mr.  Funny is.....?
Jude:  A pillow?


Dan said...

Funny....that's exactly what I would have said!!!!

Marissa said...

In Jude's defense, Mr. Funny does look a bit like a pillow, from what I remember. Sorry for stumping your children, that's what I get for providing literature with strangely shaped characters :)

Deon said...

Smart boy, that Jude!

This made me laugh right out loud! Who needs comedy writers when you have kids around?!

mandibrowning said...

hahaha! So funny!

Anonymous said...

Remind me to get your kids books for Christmas! Mr. Funny? Melissa...when are you going to start publishing stories? This one got published!! (and you're all kinds of better than that. I love that Rob asks question about the story.

Burton Family said...

Thanks for the laugh. Your kids are always good for a laugh.