Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Few Additions

I've never been too worried about my Christmas tree being the fanciest or most decorated on the block.  I think this is mostly because by the end of the season, there are always a few "extra" ornaments on the tree.  I don't want the kids to think I don't appreciate their creativity, so whatever they add - stays.  Here's what we've accumulated thus far:

An angel courtesy of Madelyn
One of three paper candy canes made by Madelyn

A once wrapped, now opened and half eaten candy cane courtesy of.....?  (I'd put money on Jude)
The entire Teletubbies cast (Noo-Noo included) all taped into the tree...again, Jude.
And finally, a block that appears to be wearing a Santa hat.  You guessed it... a Jude original.

.......Just imagine how many "homemade" ornaments we get when we have a NORMAL sized tree!


Kendal and Alissa said...

The last one is for sure my favorite. I hear from Kendal it's almost go tome for baby #4. Can't wait to see her. Good luck!

mom said...

ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!! I love that you let them be a part of it. You're a great mother Melissa!