Friday, September 14, 2012

Communication Breakdown

Last September when Rob lost his job I wanted to do everything in my power to minimize our bills.  I dropped my really expensive iPhone contract with AT&T, and got on a plan with some family members to cut the cost.  I was eligible for a new phone through Sprint, but at the time they didn't have the iPhone 4.  I thought for a couple of days and decided that spending $30 on a crappy droid was worth the money I could be saving for our no-income family.

Three weeks later, the new iPhone 4s was released, and Sprint had now been given the phone.  I slapped my forehead, and figured I'd wait until the iPhone 5 came out.  Anyone can suffer for a year with a junk phone, right?

Well, turns out anyone doesn't include me - apparently I don't suffer very well.  I have been checking iPhone 5 rumor websites since June and counting down the days until I could run over my already-cracked, charger-input-broken, tells me I don't know how to spell "cake" phone.  Remember the texting post I did way-back-when?

My computer is still on the fritz, and Rob has his iPad, and my phone Blogger is acting nutso...Nutzo? Nutso? My phone doesn't recognize either, but then again my horrendous autofill renames Rob Rib every time I Rupert it. Yes, I'm leaving that. Ih I am going to leave eceeyring I type the way ky phone fills it Ih. Yes. thinks scary one of thaw words is correct. It's autofill has a.mind of its own. Oh, and I am used to typing on an iPhone, zu every tune I try to press the space bar I end up hurting the period button. Anyone who texts me sees a lot if periods instead of spaces. The space bar is much wider on the iPhone, than on the Droid, so I always seem to miss it and hit the period button. Well that sentence went okay!! 

I won't type an entries post that ill end it now. 

With one quick sentence...

I hate my Droid. 

So yes...back to the dilemma.  I hate my phone - and have been dying to get a new one since the day after I bought the old one.  

This morning I logged into my Sprint account - eager to get a new 5 pre-ordered.  I looked at my "cart" total - and there it was...a whopping $860!

WHAT?!  I pulled up some more info on my account and came to a screen that said, "GOOD NEWS!  You're eligible for an upgrade in only 286 days!" 

Ahhhhh, poop.

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