Sunday, December 23, 2012 Christmas

Back when I was a sailing instructor I had one of my students show up for class over an hour late.  At a military camp, this was totally unacceptable behavior, and most other students would come with a note or a REALLY good story if even ten minutes late.  This kid just waltzed up, looked at the attendance sheet and in the thickest Spanish/mobster accent ever said, "So I'm a little late.  Just chill."

What could I do?  Best line ever.  The kid got off scott free.

So, when I have absolutely no excuses, I just like to repeat this kid's amazing logic.

Here comes Halloween.  I'm a little late, just chill.

Madelyn was a "Rosy Vampiress"  I have no idea what that means, but according to Maddie, it's a real thing.  It involves a vampire a princess and a red dress.  Apparently they hiss at cameras.

Jude was Luigi - and was asked ALL day if his mustache was on upside down.  It wasn't ... I googled it. 

This was Ella's third costume of the day, and the only photographed one, so we'll say she was super girl with leftover princess accessories.  Happy kid.

A picture of Maddie and Jude's choir concert.  This was also Jude's last concert because later that day he cried and admitted that he really hated choir, he only went because Maddie begged him to do it with her. Is is sad that I was actually happy to hear him say that?!  

Four Happy Hallowieners   Halloweeners.


The UnMighty said...

I don't care what your excuse is; two months is way too late. I'm going to forget I read this one.

Mom said...

Thanks for these pics. Can you email me one of the kids?? Man do I miss Halloween with all of you at home.

Sadly it took your blog to show me that I don't see as well as I once did...or are other people having a heck of a time figuring out what the "prove your not a robot" words are. I'm might be easier to just give in and be a robot!