Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The little lady is now three years old, and in true three-year-old-fashion, she chose to celebrate her birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's.  The kids seemed to enjoy themselves, and as far as we know, none of them contracted hepatitis while there.  I guess we shall find out at their next well-child exams.  For now, we will call it a success.  

There are no words that can adequately describe the child I am raising.  The only way to really understand Claire is to meet her in person - but I will do my best to put her personality into words.

Claire is hands down the friendliest, and most social child we have.  She is always walking up to strangers (great) and asking their name - where their kids are - what their favorite color is - how old they are - can I play on your cell phone - etc. 

She loves to sing, dance, and twirl.  She looks at herself in the mirror with each day's outfit and spins in it just to see how the outfit looks spinning.  She is obsessed with jewelry, makeup, and playing on the computer or iPad.  We are constantly being told that we need to get her an agent because she's a natural entertainer, and can eye-roll better than most teenaged girls.  Don't even get me started on the hand that is constantly on her hip.  The worst part is that it's absolutely adorable....well, most days.

Heaven help me.

Presenting our Claire:

Happy 3rd Birthday, Little Red.  You are the sweet and sour sauce of this family, and our chicken and rice home just wouldn't be the same without you.  I love you from head to toe, and am so grateful to be your mommy.  


Marissa said...

The powdered sugar coated smirk just made my day!

Jodi said...

She's a doll! We sure love her! Happy Birthday Claire Bear!

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