Thursday, June 08, 2006

Oh Abby...

My five year old niece, Abby, is the smartest, sneakiest, and wittiest kid I've ever met. This girl can make up a story, tell it to you straight faced - and do it with such confidence, that you almost feel bad calling her out on it. Case in point: the other day, she walks up to her younger sister, Sydney, looks at the toy she's holding, and flat out grabs it from her. Sydney lets out a bit of a squeal, and grabs the toy back. Abby gets TICKED and smacks her upside the head - Sydney starts bawling. I come over to break it up, and (even after seeing it) ask what happened. All Sydney says in between sobs is, "AAAAAAbby." Abby's version is CLASSIC. " Sydney came and tooked the Polly Pocket I was playing with. And when she came to steal it her head accident bumped my hand on accident."

She found out that I was pregnant today and said, "Another Baby!!! Yeah! I hope this one comes out just like Maddie so they can be twins." She then came back a bit less excited, and said, "I don't think you should have another baby, Melissa. you've already got one, right here."

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ScottyD said...

Kids can say the funniest things.