Monday, September 11, 2006

Business Ethic?

Rob and I recently changed auto-insurance companies to get a better rate. Someone recommended a company called Bear River Insurance to us, and we found a broker right down the road. We filled out our information, and started our new policy. About a week later we recieved a phone call from one of Rob's friends - telling us he could lower our home insurance. It just so happened it was through the same company, Bear River. We met with Rob's friend, he offered us a great auto/home insurance combo. We signed some papers, and had new home and auto insurance.
A few days ago I got a phone call from the agent who originally sold us our car insurance. This is the EXACT line he used: "I see that you switched agents on me - and I just wanted to know what's up with that?" I told him that I wasn't the person to talk to - Rob kept all that information. "Well, I have his work number right here, can I call him at work?" I told him that I could have Rob call him after work because this was an especially busy time for him at the office. He then hung up on me.
I called Rob about ten minutes later to warn him about the obnoxious and rude agent. Rob said that he had ALREADY been called (after I told the agent not to) and was treated with the same disrespect - even got the "what's up with that" line. The agent told Rob that he was mad because he had done SO much work, and wouldn't get any comission. The only work that had been done at this point was Rob and I filling out paper work.
Today in the mail we received this letter:
"We are sorry for the recent misunderstanding. If you wish for us to continue as your full service agency, please sign the enclosed letter. I look forward to serving your insurance needs for many years to come!"
As if.

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Jen McCleve said...

My brother referred bear river insurance to me when I was looking for auto insurance. He said that he felt comfortable with them and had a good experience. I guess that who your agent is can make an experience good or bad.