Thursday, March 15, 2007

Everything on Her Head on Vimeo

I think it's time for us to get Madelyn some real dress up clothes. She's obsessed with putting things on her head - and thanks to Rob, she wears socks on her hands...every day. I'll pass Jude on a daily basis, sitting in his swing, with his blanket folded up and his bare feet exposed - and then I'll find Madelyn wearing his socks on her hands. It was cute in the beginning, but now Jude has about 15 single socks - and I have no idea where the matching socks are.


Derek, Kristine and Clark said...

I've seen "kick-proof" socks by Carter's... I'll keep an eye out for "sister-proof"

Derek, Kristine and Clark said...

And another thing... how do you go about posting a video? We have a new, fancy, for-the-first-born-child-so-break-the-bank camcorder but haven't posted any videos. Not that our 12-day-old does anything that spectacular (yet).

mom said...

Absolutely hysterical!! Maddie and her Uncle Greg have the same mutant gene that make them think everything is a hat! At 23 he's still at it....good luck with that Melissa and Rob!!