Thursday, April 12, 2007


So many random pictures that don't really fall into any category - so here we go. First off, my darling friend Stefanie had her baby shower last week. At most showers you get a lot of, "ooohs," and "that's so cute..." Stefanie on the other hand had some of the best baby shower lines I have ever heard.

Upon opening this gift (a small kit with thermometer, asperator, nail clippers, etc.) Stefanie says, "Wow - I'm so glad that you knew I needed this, because I didn't." Later, when she opened the same gift again, she said, "Oh perfect! Now I'll have one for each car." I LOVE Stefanie.

While my mom was in town, she bought Maddie a Mr. Potato Head that Maddie calls, "That Boy." So, all day I hear, "Hi That Boy" and "Where's That Boy?"

Jude has learned to suck his thumb. I have learned to swap thumb for binki.

And last but not least, we moved Madelyn out of her crib, and into her big-girl-bed. Ever since she has decided that she IS the baby of this family. She even went as far as calling herself "Maddie Baby" this afternoon. She climbs into Jude's swing and bouncer, and is constantly asking to go "nigh-night" in the crib she HATED. This morning I found her sitting in Jude's bouncer, just like in this picture. The only difference was that Jude was completely underneath her.


Stef & Nate said...

Well, now that I have two kits, do you want one for your car too? I think I can spare it.

Derek, Kristine and Clark said...

It's amazes me that second, third, even fourth children make it considering 1) deciding labor wasn't that bad, let's do it again and 2) how older siblings come dangerously close, yet just shy of suffocation!