Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Man Hunter

My mom used to make me go look for things that the boys (including my dad) in my family could not find. She said that all men are "Man Hunters" and are useless when it comes to looking for lost items. Sure enough, I'd retrace all of the places that my dad and brothers had "already checked" and would always find the missing item. Today I am guilty of that very crime. I haven't posted for nearly two weeks for lack of a USB cord to connect the camera to the computer. It's ALWAYS in the same place, and as of this morning I had written it off as a "Maddie must have taken it" item. Yet, there it was. In the same place I always put it. So, let me catch you up.

We spent Mother's Day weekend trying to take apart the "garden" that was left when we purchased our house. I'm pretty sure it's about a square mile in size, and because we haven't tended to it, um, at all, the weeds were about waist high. Our goal for the spring is to get all the weeds out and put in sod. Oh, and for all of you saying, "I'd LOVE to have a garden! Why would you tear it down?!" Just know that even with this square mile of weeds, we STILL have garden number two, which is about 10 x 7...still more garden than we'd really like.

Then on Sunday we went over to Rob's Parent's house for a little Mothers Day dinner and, "What are we doing for the family reunion?" shoulder shrug. My kids looked super cute, but Rob changed Maddie out of her church clothes before I could break out the camera. So, here's Jude.

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Tara said...

You were to your family what Danielle is to ours. Only she can find all the things we "hide" or lose.

So how come you don't have a string of crazy people making totally unrelated comments on your blog? Lucky you.