Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Wii've Been Up To

To all my dear friends in the blog world -
I'm sorry to announce that this is my last post on the blog. It's not that I don't love and appreciate you all, it's just that my life has a new meaning. Let me explain. Last Friday, I convinced Rob to take the day off, and spend some much needed time with his wife and kids. We decided that we'd take the day and go to the Gateway Mall in SLC. We had heard that the children's museum was amazing, so we thought we'd let Madelyn have some fun, and then do some shopping. **To all the curious parents, yes the museum was pretty cool, but no, it's not worth the $32 to get in when your toddler only understands about 1% of the exhibits. We'll try again in a couple of years.

Now, Rob has been recieving and saving Best Buy gift cards for the last six months. All of which were supposed to buy him a Nintendo Wii. (A terribly hard to find video game system). So for the last six months, we've been running in and out of Best Buys trying to catch one on the shelves...and last friday was the day. We stopped at the Best Buy in American Fork, and they JUST SO HAPPENED to have two sitting on the shelf. Rob purchased the first, and I purchased the second. As I bought the last one, the disappointed cashier told me that her husband was on his way to come and buy it. I tried to act like I was feeling sorry for her - but it wasn't very genuine. Maybe it was because I laughed in her face and yelled, "SUCKER!!!" as I ran out the door.
Since then we've had a few visitors. We've introduced the Wii to my brother Dan and his friend Adam, and played a few games with my other brother Derek.

So, there you have it folks. I've found a new love: Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Bowling and Boxing, all from the comfort of my own living room. I guess this is goodbye. Oh, wait, Rob just reminded me that I can use the Wii to go online through the TV. I guess this is just the beginning of a whole new love for blogging...from my couch.


Kim said...

So you guys aren't into two-player games, or what? Did you really buy two?

Also, cute house.

ScottyD said...

Ok so we need to have a Wii party. I have a few games and extra remotes. It could be good fun.