Friday, January 23, 2009

2010 or Bust

So far 2009 has not been my favorite year. On Christmas Eve I did something really dumb and threw out my lower back. It really really really hurt. I spent the next two weeks living on Tylenol and trying to maintain my normal routine. Then one morning (feeling fairly recovered) I got out of the shower to find Rob on his elbows and knees in our hallway playing a video game on his phone. He casually said, "I hurt my lower back and I can't move." I helped him up, and got him in bed...where he stayed for the next three days. Once the back injury began to heal, he started noticing his cough more (this started the day of the injury). Meanwhile stupid me RE-injured my back trying to pull up Maddie's tights. I spent two days hobbling around the house. The day I started feeling normal Rob came home early with a terrible cough, a headache and a fever of 101. By the next morning his fever was 103, and by the next night, I had a fever of 103 as well.

High fever day was yesterday, and today Rob and I are both back in the 99-101 range. We're feeling a bit perkier, but not 100%. The part that stinks THE MOST is that I've been desperate to go on a date with Rob, and my sweet sister-in-law Callie had offered to watch our kids this evening. Date cancelled.

I have decided to make a list of things that I'm looking forward to in 2009 just to lift my spirits.

1. Going to Chicago for my little brother's wedding

2. Lexi's baptism

3. New niece or nephew from Derek and Jessica

4. Scarlet

5. New niece from Brett and Stacey

6. Blessing Ella

7. Getting new couches (please, Rob?)

8. Jude getting out of diapers

9. Family trip to MEXICO!!

10. New niece or nephew from Marci and Aaron (wait, what?)

2009, here we come.


Jodi said...

Wait...what?!? Marci is having another baby and I read about it on YOUR blog?? I totally knew she would cave eventually ~ :)

Anonymous said...

Is Marci really preggo? Thats a lie, isnt it?!

Babcock Family said...

Holy crap people!! The only Babcock baby will be 2 in April and I really don't call him a baby anymore. NICE try. What do you mean I would cave Jodi??

Mom said...

WOW...May I suggest that you just close down the family home and open an infirmary? I'm so glad I'm not as old as you two whippersnappers. The GOOD news is that it seems that 2009 has nothing to get but better from here.

Stef said...

I am so sorry your fam has been sick, but I am happy that you're excited for Scarlet too!