Monday, March 02, 2009

The Funk

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. My mind hasn't been in blogging mode - which is okay because nothing has been happening anyway. I was blaming my blech mood on my still-yucky-post-baby-body, and starting to get really down on myself. I'm not one of those people that bounce back quickly with my weight. Even though I don't gain a ton while pregnant, I still hold on to a few extra pounds for months. As a general rule, my body likes to be back to normal one month before I get pregnant again...not a good cycle. However, new light has been shed on my miserable state. Apparently it's not all hormones - it's (wait for it....) Mononucleosis. Yep, somehow I managed to NOT get Mono in high school (the ideal time for laziness and missing school) but when I'm tied up with three kids, a husband who's always gone, and the ONLY week I'm traveling for the next seven months. JUST. MY. LUCK.

There is ONE positive thing about this so-called-Mono. Apparently, I'm not allowed to exercise with this virus because it tends to enlarge the spleen. It may sound backwards, but at least while feeling like crap I can make excuses for the still-yucky-post-baby-body that I am so frustrated with. I can think things like, "It's okay that you look like this; you have mono and there's REALLY nothing you can do." Then I'll satisfy my angst with, "You'd look great if you didn't have mono. You'd have the energy to exercise EVERY day."

With this new revelation, I no longer feel guilty about my absence in the blogging world. And ask that anyone that follows this blog (and yes, I mean both of you) will forgive me for leaving you out of my daily grind. I promise to start again soon.

I ask that in lieu of flowers and donations, you send me comments filled with links of great online shopping. I heart online window shopping.


Greg said...

Wow, maybe I've had mono for the past 25 years! Thanks for shedding some light on why some people in our family are the way they are!

Stacey said...

I think you look great post baby and that you are losing the weight really fast. I really mean that too, I meant to say something last time I saw you but always feel awkward saying stuff like that for some odd reason. Weight has always been a really awkward situation for me. I'm really sorry to hear about the mono too. Since you won't be using your elliptical for the next little while, I'd be happy to take it off your hands. JK, I am still heavily looking. I will gladly take the kids any time you need me to. Just let me know.

Jes said...

That is too bad about MONO. It is good to be able to blame stuff on something else. :) Tell Johnny I say congrats and tell the family I say hi and love to them.

Jodi said...

So sorry Melissa! I hope you get feeling better soon - and call if you need help with ANYTHING!
Ironically, we had Coleman at the Dr. yesterday with a fever, headache, lethargy, etc... and the Dr. thinks his is strep and mono! Lucky us!
As far as online shopping goes...I am probably useless. As much as I love to do it, I really never have the time! You could always start at Etsy and go to all of the cute jewelry stores!

Stef said...

MONO? yuck! I am so sorry! Mono IS the kissing us the and Derrick in Vegas?

JK...LOVE YOU! Hope you feel better soon!

kathryn said...

you have mono? that sucks. i've been sick as well. headaches, cough, stuffy nose, sore throat. and now the baby is getting it. yucky times. when were all better and your brood is, too, we should hang out at a park or something. i'm so sick of being stuck in the house with sick self and kids.

.s.a.r.a.h. said...

I hear you on pregnancy weight is really hard for me to get back into shape and it does get depressing. But the good news is YOUR BEAUTIFUL! Even though your favorite jeans might not fit yet, you just had a baby and it takes time. Hang in there:)
Hope you start to get some energy back and feel better soon! take care.

heidi said...

You always look great! Maybe you could just drive around in the white bullet and it would make you feel a little better


Dan Kopp said...

I once thought I had mono for an entire year...turns out I was just really bored.

As far as the need for on-line window shopping, here's a link that will hopefully entertain you for a while.