Sunday, June 21, 2009

A BIG Help

I'm making THESE (a family favorite) kabobs for Rob's Father's Day meal.  I decided to look for the stew meat at Costco yesterday.  As it turns out, I can pay $10 for 2 lbs of stew meat at "the grocer in my neighborhood" OR I can pay $10 for 5 lbs of stew meat at Costco.  Who knew?  So I froze the second half of the meat for our next kabob dinner, and now I'm feeling rather thrifty and home-maker-like.  Thanks for all of the Costco suggestions.  Rob and I left yesterday with the following items:

Stew Meat
Pineapple (SUCH a good deal)
Granola Bars 
A pair of jeans for Rob (they're being returned)
A fresh pizza for dinner

I feel much better.  Thanks, friends.  I think I'll be keeping this membership.  


andrea garber said...

I agree Costco is the BEST! I only buy my eggs, cheese and milk there! If you want to save even more money you can become a couponing junkie like me! I am seriously addicted! I know it's super dorky, but most of the time I get so much stuff for FREE! It saves us so much money!

mom said...

I absolutely can't believe you passed on the uncooked tortillas that everyone raved about. I was waiting for the tortillas post!!

Wilson Family said...

Haha, your posts always crack me up! All we bought at Sam's when we had a membership was a computer, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toilet paper, and feminine products. Too much information?

Oh, and I love your new blog background. Very cute.