Friday, November 06, 2009

My Giant

Jude is getting too old to still be two. Too old, and too tall. I'm starting to get the nasty looks and eye rolls from places that allow kids two and under to enter free. Everyone thinks that I'm the mom who's trying to get freebies well into the threes and fours. I don't mind if people don't believe me, but I'm really starting to wish that he was three for his own sake. At our church he spends Sunday School in the Nursery (the room for babies 18 months to 3) and he seems to be a LOT bigger than most of the kids. It became apparent in the picture I took of him and his Nursery friend last week. (Actual photo below)

The good news is that as of January 1st, all of the kids that are 3 will move out of the Nursery and into Sunday School. The bad news is that Jude's birthday isn't until January 18th. He'll miss the cut off by two and a half weeks. Lehman's terms: he'll have to spend another YEAR with the 18 month olds. I hope he doesn't scare the little kids when he starts growing facial hair next year.


Robbins said...

Poor Jude! I always feel bad for the 3yr olds that barely miss the cut off. Maybe Porter and him will become buds. I think that maybe Porter is big for his age too, that or does all kids clothing run small? He is in 3T and growing out of them, and hes not even 2 yet?

Snarr mama said...

I feel your pain. Mallory is my little giant. I giggle inside every time someone starts having a conversation with her expecting her to respond like a 4 or 5 yr. old. Sheesh!

kathryn said...

ha. and i'm feeling bad for poor little cash who has to go be grown up and in primary 3 weeks after turning 3. why doesn't church run the age thing by school year=\\

Oscar's helping me type here.

p.s. when did jude turn asian?

Wilson Family said...

Haha! You crack me up. It's hard when their b-days are in January though... Poor little guy!

Deon said...

Jude sure looks like he cooperated for the photographer! Great job, Jude!

What a drag about being stuck in the nursery for yet ANOTHER year--at least he'll still get to have snacks at church. Snacks=a happy me :)

Kyle said...

I've got the "Jude-effect" going on in my life, too. Many times people will randomly start talking to me as though I were an adult... It's really quite baffling.