Tuesday, December 08, 2009

17 Days and Counting

This was Maddie's first visit with Santa. To put it nicely, she thought he was a creep. Seeing kids freaked out by Santa is (in my book) just one of those things that never gets old. Good thing we didn't take her to see either of these creeps!

For even more Christmas laughs, click HERE. Thanks, Stef, for sending me some much needed Christmas Cheer!


Stef said...

OMGOSH! That pic with Maddie and Santa just made me pee a little too. I forgot about her adorable cheeks!

Robbins said...

Thats so funny!

Wilson Family said...

If I took my Maddy to see Santa, and ended up with either one of those creepy guys, we would be out of there FAST. I love how your Maddie is looking at Santa! That is too funny!

And I LOVED the nativity story... That cracked me up!!!

Greg Kopp said...

I think I may have nightmares!