Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Kitchen Adventures

Remember that time I decided to try my hand at gingerbread house making?  No?  Then click HERE for a refresher course.

I had another moment this afternoon.  My friend, Mary, recently blogged about her fear of baking bread.  She didn't consider herself skilled in the area, and decided she wanted to overcome this fear - and try something new. {Anyone that knows Mary knows that she's good at everything. I mean EVERYTHING.  She's like my husband.  I can teach him a new talent, and within a week he's ten times better than I've ever been.  I don't get people like this.}  Back to bread. So Mary makes bread, it is beautiful, and she shares it on her blog:

Looks pretty tasty, doesn't it?  The recipe was simple, and I consider baking to be one of the few things I can do somewhat decently (I mean, I'm not opening a bakery or anything).  I enjoy making breads, rolls, etc. and figured that if "first time Mary" could make this lovely loaf, surely I could whip up something similar.

Not even close.

What the heck?  Oh...and the middle was completely uncooked.  I mentioned to Mary earlier that I think I was probably off doing something awful (like secretly laughing at someone who fell - or making sarcastic remarks) on the day that Heavenly Father was handing out talents.  I guess some things never change.  

Even though I would have thought that Mary was probably off making sarcastic remarks with me, it is obvious she was present at the talent parade.  

 (More things you'll never see me succeeding at HERE).

...I don't think I'm done with this bread recipe just yet, but I probably will cut the recipe in half next time.  Three large loaves is a LOT to botch!    


Derek and Kristine said...

I find it hard to be her friend sometimes, don't you?

Stacy said...

And yet, you have a baking blog? I just don't believe you are a complete failure... :)

Babcock Family said...

Im laughing WITH you not AT you.

Deon said...

Same here to what the Babcock Family said :D Actually, I can totally relate to your batch of bread because, sadly, that is how most of my baking attempts turn out. As a result, you can call me the Rhodes Dough Queen! It is pretty obvious that you did NOT miss the talent parade, and I'm sure all of your readers will agree with me. So there.

Stacey said...

No comment. After working in a bakery and having training I have to room to judge. Keep trying and if you need help just call me.

Something Wilde said...

Oh Melissa - wow! I'd still try a slice for you! But it looks BAD, dosn't it?!?

And sarcasm is a talent! Don't sell yourself short!