Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Falling Behind

Yes, yes...I know.  I REALLY do.  Sorry.  We have spent the last two weeks dealing with sick kids and crazy schedules.  Two weeks ago we took Madelyn, Jude and Ella to Disney on Ice - leaving Claire with Rob's very helpful sister and mother. By the time we returned Claire had thrown up a few times, and had a fever.  The next day the monster cough began.  RSV and Croup.  It's been a long couple of weeks, but I'll take the time to post something soon.  I pinky swear.  

But I did want to send a quick shout out to all of the friends and family that have called and helped us these past two weeks.  We really appreciate you.  

Oh - and just to add some fluff of sorts, which pictures do you see first?  I always seem to notice the faces before anything else.  Wonder what that means.  


Stef said...

Oh no! I am so sorry! Hope you all get feeling better soon.

{sarah} said...

Summer can't come soon enough! Less sickness and warm sun to go out and play! Hope the family is doing better!
As for the pictures go...I'm stumped on the middle one!!

Mom said...

I'm stumped on the middle one too. I'm just wondering if you put that one in there to mess with our heads...not that you'd ever do something like that...RIGHT??