Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Mouths

I've had some real gems today.

Maddie:  Mom, do you know how to sew a purple dress with purple sparkle shoes and a wand?  Because that's what I'd like to wear to school today.

Me: No, but I do know how to pull jeans and a tee shirt out of your dresser.

Maddie: That's not even close, Mom.

*                         *                        *

Me:  Buddy come over here and give me a cuddle.

Jude:  Do I have to?

Me:  Yes. (He comes over and sits on my lap)

Me:  Do you remember how we would sing songs and cuddle when you were a baby?

Jude: No.

Me:  Well, we did because you're my favorite little boy.  I love you buddy.

Jude:  Yeah.  And I love McDonald's.  Can we go there?

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john kopp said...

Priceless . . .