Friday, April 22, 2011

Short Again

I originally chopped my hair a couple of months ago, but realized after my most recent cut that I hadn't posted it yet.  I love short hair.  L.O.V.E.

(insert special shout out to my awesome stylist, Julie, here)

Oh...and I normally don't laugh at the camera - Rob and I were IMing while I was taking this shot. Here's our convo:

(Maddie was on a fieldtrip up by Rob's work, and he stopped by and surprised her)

Robby:  Maddie's such a sweetheart.
Melissa:  Was it fun to see her?
Robby: Yeah.  She's going to bring a lot of tears to my eyes.
Melissa:  What did she do this time? :)
Robby:  She's just so cute.
Robby:  and loving.
Robby:  I just love being a dad.
Melissa:  I'm so glad!
Robby:  as I'm leaving, she says to one of the teachers, "That's my dad."
Robby:  and she's so proud
Robby:  makes me feel good.

Can you blame me for smiling so big?  I've got it so good.


Nic said...

So small world moment...I know your hairstylist! I was in her ward in high school. Julie is such a sweet girl!! :) I love the hair it looks really cute.

Stacy said...

Your hair is always rockin it isn't fair. Ok maybe I should just tell Julie to make me be cute too.

Stacy said...

Oh yeah and Rob sounds like the sweetest dad ever.

Deon said...

Well, this leaves no doubt that you picked a winner, Melissa. What a great guy that Rob dude is. I always tell young women to simply choose well. Just choose well from the very start. You absolutely have!

D-A-R-L-I-N-G hair!!!

Julie said...

You are SO cute! Your family is so cute!! Good luck at the wedding, I mean, HAVE FUN!!!!!

Stef said...

ADORABLE! haircut and rob.

Jodi said...

CUTE hair and CUTE conversation with Rob. Love your cute kids too!

Kendal and Alissa said...

LOVE the hair! And the story attached to the picture. I would be smiling that big too! What a cute conversation. I love proud daddy's!

Mom said...

ADORABLE You're always so "sassy" with short hair. :) Shutting up now.

Just the fact that he stopped by her field trip to visit her melted my heart...then the IM's Talk among yourselves....I'm all veclempt.