Tuesday, April 23, 2013

About A Boy

It's been a while since Jude has made a blog appearance, so I think it's only appropriate to give him the cyber attention he deserves.  As most of you know, Jude is - hands down- the most creative kid I know.   As I've mentioned in previous posts, as long as there is paper in the house, the kid has no complaints.  He also has a very one-track mind, and works on something until it is finished.  He will then talk about his finished products for HOURS if allowed.

And over the past few years, Jude really hasn't changed much.  He asks me the same five questions every single day.

1.  Can I check the dragons? (It's this really odd ipad ap that Rob introduced the kids to.  You raise, breed, sell and fly dragons.  I don't get it at all, but JUDE IS OBSESSED.)

2.  Can I have a snack?

3.  Can I have a piece of paper?

4.  Can I get out the creating bin?

5.  Can I play the computer?

And that's my schedule with the boy.

Now, there are people who love Jude - and then there is my brother Dan and his wife Marissa.  I know they love all of my kids, but Jude's "creativity" really strikes a chord with them.  But in all seriousness, Dan asked a really good question last time he was in town.  Given the extent of his creative obsessions, Jude could be labeled as a lot of interesting things from his peers.  (I know at my age there would have been some giggling) so Dan asked how the kids reacted to Jude.

One of my biggest fears with raising a sweet and confident boy has always been that he would be seen by others as this kid:

Totally not the case.  Somehow Jude's confidence has the other kids admiring him, and his artwork is envied at school.  A few weeks ago, I went to pick up Jude from school and while all of the kids were running around outside screaming, Jude was silently standing next to the carpool lane just like this:

Except, replace the boom box with a three foot - made from paper - alligator.

He had realized the day before that he didn't have anything he wanted to take in for show and tell, so naturally, he made something.

I just smiled and thought, "That's my boy."

But as I got out of the car, I heard two different kids telling their parents that he was the kid with all of the cool inventions.  Then a super cute little girl yells, "Bye Jude, I hope you bring your alligator again!"

I'm pretty sure this kid was born a hipster.  His confidence, creativity, and all-around positivity have turned this kid into a kindergarten all star, and as his mom....I'm ridiculously proud.

So now, without further ado, I suppose I should get around to the main purpose of this post.  To share Jude's most recent creations.

(White paper) A one legged man that only stands on his tongue.

(Green paper) The alligator that I mentioned earlier.  The mouth opens and closes and is full of sharp teeth.

(In Jude's hands) A puppet version of the baby on the 90s show Dinosaurs.  Yes, I'm talking about the one that always yells, "Not the Momma."  (I think he found this on Youtube?)

(Behind him)  A map of treasures that he has hidden in his room.

(Yellow paper) a lion made from a paper plate.  There is a hole in the mouth where (paper) food goes in, and a hole in his rear end so that food can be properly expelled.  (Not pictured is the mass quantity of food that he made to feed the lion).

What else can I say?  The kid is obviously a freaking genius.


Montgomery Q said...

I now love him even more than I already did, which was, like, tons.

Deon said...

From what I've read through your blog posts, I think the term "genius" probably doesn't really do Jude justice. I especially love the fact that he is so positive, and that you take notice of that! What a kid! But, what a mom!!!

Marissa said...

1. Love his haircut
2. The lion is fabulous and what white man wouldn't want to be able to just stand on their tongue?
3. I have bragged about this kid and his alligator on more than 3 occasions since returning from our visit.

He's the very best!

mom said...

I hate missing all this! Thank you for your postings. It brings all of you a little closer. That kid's going places!