Sunday, May 04, 2014

Jude Turns 7

I'm a million years late with this post - but better late than never, I suppose.

Waaaaaaaay back in January, Jude celebrated his 7th birthday.  He's such a different kid this year.  First of all, he finally has two monstrous teeth in the place where he used to have a massive hole in his mouth.  Why are kids' teeth SO STINKING HUGE?!  Nonetheless, they are there - and he will one day grow into them.  If he's anything like Rob and me, he will not only grow into them, but he will grow out of them and end up with relatively small teeth.

In December, Madelyn got a rainbow loom from Santa.  Santa knew that Jude would be interested, so he gave her two looms - to share.  Santa had no idea that Jude would become a rainbow loom factory, and OBSESS over all things rainbow loom.  He can make anything and everything.  He has made more bracelets than I can even count, Elsa (from Frozen - for Maddie) a 3D version of Olaf (from Frozen) an iPod cover, panda bears, a bazillion necklaces, keychains, etc.  If it CAN be made - he has made it.  And he is awesome at it.

Wait for it - he even looms in his sleep.  Jude has taken up sleepwalking - and on more than one occasion, he has come into our bedroom talking gibberish, and looming.

A couple of weeks ago the loom broke, so he has had to replace it with something - and his obsession for the moment is playing Mario on the Wii.  Rob and I know that we should discourage him from becoming so obsessed with video games, but it has been a nice break from all of the looming that he does.  We are kind of relieved to see that he has other interests.  (Although he can't seem to have more than one interest at a time..)

He is kind of a quiet kid.  He doesn't demand a lot of attention, and for the most part is pretty easy going.  I realize he is a boy - but my gosh...I'm pretty sure he is the messiest little thing I've ever seen.  I have no idea what half of the stuff is that he has out at all times, but it seems as though messes follow him everywhere.  I can walk into his room and even though it's clean (according to him) I can feel like I am suffocating from the clutter.  It's his creative genius.  I will never understand - but when he is famous for having invented the coolest whatchama-jig ever (the future's version of the internet) I will not be surprised.

The kid has never EVER asked me for help on any of his homework, and whenever I go and check it everything is always right.  His math skills are beyond mine, and he rocks all of his spelling tests.

Jude, your awesomeness never ceases to amaze me, and I know that I'm not alone in my envy of your adorable and kind natured personality.  You can't go to church, EVER, without being called on and picked for the activities in Sunday school.  I often roll my eyes at how obvious it is that you are everyone's favorite in primary (but I'm secretly smiling too!)

Thank you for waving and running every time I drop you off at school.  Your adorable smile as you try to beat me to the corner always makes my day.

I love you more than you can ever know.

.....and now, the birthday pics.....


Kyle said...

What a creative cake! Literally.

Also, they're doing scooters now at Classic Skating? Gosh I remember when you could get roller blades instead of skates.

Mary Wilde said...

Happy belated birthday Jude! It looks like it was a wonderful success!! I'm also a bit shocked at the indoor scooter park. Pretty cool!

Anita Stout said...

That has to be the absolute most perfect cake in the world for Jude Dude. He's such a doll. I miss the heck out of him!