Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Oh, there once was a time - maybe a year or so ago - that I vowed to become a better blogger. I announced to both of my followers a new Melissa - well, I guess the old Melissa, who loved to blog and share stories about her cray-cray family.

Promises, promises....

Today I offer no promises.  I only offer a quick glimpse into my life as it is at this very moment.  Not because I think anyone ever reads this anymore, but because I need to have some memories written down.  I feel like I'm at this big turning point in my life - and I want to remember it.  The good, the bad, the mascara-down-to-my-chin sobbing, and the joy we will {hopefully} find in this next chapter.

You see, we sold our house.  The perfect little box of memories that has defined the last nine years of our life.  I'm happy because it sold quickly, effortlessly, and we got everything we wanted out of it, but hysterical because I will miss the living crap out of this place.  I honestly can't even finish this paragraph because I can't see my computer screen through the tears.

I think you get the point. Moving on.

In about four weeks we are packing up our little family.  (Side note:  I think it's probably time I stopped referring to my family as little.  We are a family of seven now - so, I think  we actually qualify as a big family.)  But yes, we are moving our family to an area in which I never imagined living.  The South.

As we spend this last month taking in every thing we can about the beautiful state that we live in, I will update this often.  After we move, I might even update hourly as therapy.  Who knows.  All I know is that we are headed out, taking on something completely different, and I am scared to death.

But, on the bright kid DOES look like this right now:  pizza face (literally - no 80's acne joke intended) dipped in snickerdoodle sugar and cinnamon.  That can't be a bad thing, right?


Marissa said...

I still check for updates :) more often than I should! Thinking of you and excited for you... And for your visit.

Anita Stout said...

I'm going thru all these emotions with you - because that's what mom's do. If that's NOT what all mom's do, someone please tell me so I can seek help. You'll feel like a fish out of water and doubt your decision and cry and miss "home." It'll feel like you're on vacation then suddenly, when you're not paying attention, it'll become home because it's not where you''re at - it's who you're with. :)