Saturday, October 08, 2005

Three Months

When I was pregnant with Madelyn - Rob, Greg (who was living with us at the time) and I went bowling every Tuesday and Thursday. When I was about nine months along, the Dr put me on bedrest, and our dream of becoming professional bowlers was put on hold. So for Maddie's three month birthday we decided it was time to get back on track - I'm sure it was an event she will always remember.
Rob apparently jumped right back into the game, and bowled his all time high (193). The high score record had been mine until today...farewell 176. I unfortunatly did not do so well, and racked up an amazing 105 for my best of four score. In the end, I won one game and Rob won three. Maddie is still learning. We're hoping she'll go pro by three if we start her early.


Wilde Pair said...

Melissa. You should stop lying about your bowling scores. I know that you can alter your scores on those electronic machines. Nice try...better luck next time!

What a cute little family! I love hearing about how you are doing. GO WHITE SOX!!!


ScottyD said...

Wow, i need to practice more to catch up to you guys.

Anonymous said...

Did Rob actually roll that ball down the lane, or was that staged?

Of course I'm joking! His bluffing skills aren't that good. ;)

Robby said...

Oh, the ball was rolled.

And my bluffing skills are fine. It's yours I would worry about.