Saturday, February 11, 2006

We had Joy, We had Fun, We had Seasons in the Sun..

The most bizarre thing happened yesterday. I was out shopping in a city about fifteen miles north of where I live - when I saw two teenage boys riding around in a "chili pepper red" wrangler. I was reminiscing on my wrangler, when I realized that it WAS my wrangler. And even though I have been driving my grand cherokee for nearly two months now, my eyes filled up with tears. I'm sure everyone is wondering how I knew it was mine - but my jeep had a few distinctive characterisitcs about it. First of all - it didn't have running boards, second - it had the 3 inch lift and big tires on it, third - there was a (D) sticker on the bottom right bumper, and fourth -and possibly most disturbing, it had a temporary license taped to the back window.
Rob and I have had the jeep up for sale at a friend's car lot for a few months, and I figured we would be notified when it sold. I guess I wanted to check out the new buyer - or at least say goodbye to an old friend. But as I watched those boys laugh, I knew it was a good sale.
I am going to miss my wrangler SOOOO much. I'm sure that most of you reading this have had the chance to drive me around in it (call me spoiled, but I love to be chauffeured). Thanks to everyone that sang with me, went camping with me, drove me around Lake Maxinkukee, and made Pepe the best car ever.
I'd like to send a special shout out to the car's favorite people: Mary, Tara, Jemison (you WERE the one that sunk it..) Jacqui, and mostly - my darling husband Rob - who took such good care of it when I started driving around a baby. So many memories of such a great friend. May it make some teenage boy as happy as it made me. (Insert Trumpet playing Taps)


Wilde Pair said...

In loving memory. May the new owners take kickboxing classes and listen to the Murmurs on their way home.

the old guy said...

lots of memories . . . driving you out to school was probably the best . . . and i will always remember the brown mud bath at the golf course! so sorry to see it go!

(mentos anyone?)

mom said...

This posting almost made me cry, but I still cry everytime I change cars. No one was more shocked than me when you and dad pulled up in that car. Then one was more shocked than me at EVERYTHING you managed to talk your dad into...."OHHH MELISSA" Pepe will live on in our hearts and minds long after it's adventures are over. No matter who's driving will always be YOUR jeep.