Monday, February 13, 2006

Silly Me

I can not believe that in my previous post I forgot to mention my FAVORITE jeep story. I had planned an entire paragraph for this one - and this person and completely spaced it. For that, forgive me. I dedicate this post to my adorable dad, and his "never-fail" negotiating tactics.
I owe the entire existence of Pepe, the Chili-Peper-Red Wrangler to my Dad. The Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend, 1999, I asked my dad to come and look for a new car with me. Granted, I already had a fine car - one in which I had three months prior almost totalled. It was a black saturn, and it suited me well, but I was really thinking I wanted a Jeep. So I played up the "I'm headed to snowy, mountainous Utah" card - and he gave in. Now, I knew this was only a courtesy/pity trip to explain why I didn't need, and couldn't afford a wrangler - but I was excited to go anyway.
We test drove Pepe, and I was in love. My dad figured he'd humor me and sit down with the dealer. He starts throwing numbers around with the dealer.."I know it costs you this much to make the car, and you deserve a comission - I'll offer you this much"
The dealer says, "I don't think we'll be able to go that low Mr. Kopp - let me talk to my manager."
The sales man walks out of the room, and my dad says to me, " He's going to come back in and tell us that they can't go that low. We'll say 'fine, call us when you can' and walk away."
The sales man walks back in and says, "Okay Mr. Kopp, it looks like we can go ahead and do that."
I literally watched my dads face go blank. A long pause, a deep gulp. Apparently he had misjudged the situation, and had somehow just bought me a brand new jeep. I could tell my dad was trying hard to hide the deep horror he was feeling - but I didn't care at that point. I was SO thrilled.
And so began the legendary Jeep. Thanks, Dad, for allowing me to have such a fine car. I must add you to the list of pepe's favorite people - for all of the camping, guest dj, and rides across the country. You're the best.


the old guy said...

thanks! i was really happy to be able to help you buy the car. i just didn't think it would actually happen that night!

as a fitting eulogy for the time so well spent in your jeep . . . i think you should write out the words to the song that you and mary memorized . . you know the one by blues travelers . . .

love dad

Tara said...

A new jeep! I never thought we would all be reunited again! That story warmed my heart and has given me incentive to return for a visit. Thanks to Papa Kopp! Meliss, I hope you have started making some driving mixes.