Sunday, February 05, 2006

Robby Bobby Boo's Birthday

The really sad thing - is that Robby Bobby Boo is not my nickname for Rob - it's my mother's. Anyway, Rob's birthday was Tuesday, so I decided to have a little dinner party for a few friends to celebrate. Good times had by all: Italian Beef, Chips and Queso, Burrito Roll-Ups, Mostaciolli, Chocolate Cake and Texas Hold-em. Does it get any better than that...? Happy Birthday Robby - I love you so so much.


Tim, Katie, and Marcus said...

Tell Rob happy birthday from us. We were at his last two parties and we were sad to miss this one. You guys look like you're doing good. If we're lucky, maybe we'll see you this summer!

Wilde Pair said...

Happy Birthday Robby Bobby Boo! Anita gives the greatest nicknames, doesn't she?

mom said...

Hey ROBBY BOBBY BOO!!!!! Look how cute you are! Hope you had a fun birthday...of course it would have been MORE fun if you were here... HINT HINT....when ya comin back????