Thursday, March 23, 2006


Just thought I'd give everyone a quick update. Sorry to be slacking, but we don't get our internet installed until tomorrow...I HOPE! The move is complete, and I'm finishing up unpacking - a MUCH bigger task than our last move. We're all done painting and the carpet is down. There are still a million little projects that we can work on, but I think it looks fabulous as is. I'm so excited to be in my own place - although it doesn't feel real at times ( I still find myself trying to keep the noise down for the downstairs neighbors). I'll post some pictures of the house in a couple of days.
As for Madelyn - she's huge, and active. I can't keep a close enough watch on her. Yesterday she pulled the vacuum down on herself, pulled the entertainment center shelf on top of herself, and managed to eat a handful of Rob's hair (he had cut it the night before and left the remains in the garbage can). She pulls herself up on everything - and can stand without holding on to things. I almost prefer this stage, because she spends more time doing that than crawling. The girl is a rocket when it comes to crawling. She'll get her sights on a destination, then put her head down and charge - I often feel like a matador with the way she comes at me. Speaking of - here she comes. Hope all is well with everyone else - Welcome home Grandma and Grandpa - glad you had fun in Kuai!


Anonymous said...

Your site is one of my favorites; you've always got the best pictures, and your stories and captions make me laugh. The new house looks great - congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Love your new home. Congratulations! Madelyn is so cute. I love all her little outfits and facial expressions. Keep posting pictures. Sounds like Rob is a great guy, but I new that just by the way he treated you. Look forward to seeing more pictures. Ben and Cathy

amyjane said...

So, I was blog-hopping and happened upon your cute baby and realized that she looks (I think) a lot like my four month old baby boy. Look at my blog and see what ya think! He's got darker hair and is obviously a few months younger but....some of your little one' facial expressions remind me a lot of my son!