Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dear Blog,
Last night I went out with my friend Stefanie. We drove to Xango to decorate our husbands' work stations. On the way up Stef mentioned that she didn't like when people treated thier blogs like journals. Why would she say something like that, dear blog? I know she wasn't talking about you - at least I hope she wasn't. You truly have been my closest friend for so long...I love being able to confide in you, and really appreciate all of your support. Speaking of confiding in you, I am so excited that it's Valentine's Day. I think I may have a Valentine or two coming my way this afternoon...perhaps from - well, you? Blog - lets make it official. Will you be my Valentine? I'm sure that Rob won't mind. That way he doesn't have to get me anything! Well, I'd better get back to my homemaker duties.
Love always,
PS. I'll leave a few pictures for your enjoyment.

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kat said...

maddie looks like a poor kid standing outside a candy shop and looking longingly through the window. like she's thinking, "i'm just the cast-off kid, now... they don't even put a blanket down for me to lie on. i have to lay on the carpet. sniff. sniff."