Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One Month Later...

Jude is officially one moth old, and Madelyn has a new best friend. She walks around all day saying "hey little boy" or "oooooh baby." Granted she says hi to everything. This morning alone, I have heard, "hi bear" "hi little water" "hi bah-bah" "hi dada" and "hi little fishies." However, I am assuming that because Jude is her brother, she loves him the most - and her other hellos are just shallow, empty greetings. Anyway, here are a few pictures of our kids. I was not kidding in an earlier post when I mentioned that Madelyn had the world's worst morning hair. I prove that again with these photos.


Ash said...

Hi!!! Your hair is hot! Love it!

Jude is a handsome little dude! And Maddie has nothing on about bad morning hair. Maddie babe, I feel your pain, and I have been there my friend.

I miss our lunches! Hope things are going well!

(And I apologize for abusing the use of the exclamation point in this blurb...but I am not changing it).

kat said...

cute. cute. cute. can't wait to have cash and jude meet so they can start their long and fabulous friendship that will surely include being in a band together because let's face it: Jackson Cash and Jude Tyler totally sound like rock star names.
p.s. thanks again for the shirt (did you get my message about it?)

Steph said...

Hey Melissa! I can't believe you have two kids already! They are adorable! I love your blog too, I'm glad I found it and the blogging world gets smaller every day! ;)