Friday, February 06, 2009

Rob vs. Dad

For Christmas this year, my dad sent all of his kids/kids-in-law/grand kids gift cards to their place of choice. The kids and I needed clothes, so we asked for Gap gift cards. Rob is always looking for electronics of any sort, so he asked for a Best Buy gift card. On Christmas Eve we opened the package from my dad, and to much surprise - there was no gift card inside of Rob's Best Buy envelope. I went back and forth on whether or not I should mention it to my dad, but I finally decided that he'd be much happier knowing it was lost than finding out that his gift was spent by someone else on something awful (ie a Celine Dion album). I called up my dad, and Best Buy sent him a replacement card which he then forwarded to us. We received it today - with NINE pieces of tape holding it to the letter. That doesn't include the glue that was already on the back of the card.

Thanks, Dad, it arrived safely this time.

Since receiving his very well adhered gift card, I've been comparing my dad and Rob in my head (this is because Rob is really the only other person I can see taping a card down SOOOO well). I wrote a post a while back on how much Rob reminded me of my father which can be viewed HERE. Both are perfectionists. Both are ridiculously organized, and both are very efficient. All in all, I have always felt they had a lot in common. That was until Rob said, "I've been reading a lot lately, and I think I'm a communist." And I, in absolute seriousness said, "I think you're probably right." Sorry, Dad. I guess I didn't marry my father after all.

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the old guy said...

Rob isn't a communist . . . he's just been reading too much Lenin and Marx (as in John and Groucho).
Love Boris and Natasha