Friday, July 31, 2009

Here's the deal. I'm not crazy when it comes to insects. I don't have a lot of issues with them, for the most part they just annoy me. There is only one insect that sends me to the fetal position with any encounter, and we all know what that is. Currently there is one of the aforementioned insects of satan hiding in my couches. I'm a bit of a wreck over the mystery of the missing moth, but my biggest problem this summer seems to be with earwigs.

It all began when my sister-in-law, Sierra, started talking about the earwig problems they were having at her house. They were everywhere - she even found one in her salad. Blech. Once she mentioned it, I started noticing them in odd places at our house. I have found three crawling on my refrigerator. While in the shower the other day, I moved the shampoo bottle to find one hiding in the corner of my tub. I waited until I was done showering, then sent him down the drain. A few minutes later, while drying my hair, I watched him climb back out of the drain (who does that?!). Another day as I was grabbing my towel to dry off, I found one nesting in my towel. Yes - these are all gross, but I hit my ultimate "I've had it with bugs" point this morning.
In the midst of my "why is there a massive moth in my my house" freak out, I went outside to check on Ella who was sitting on the patio in her BUMBO chair. She turns to look at me and smiles with one eye awkwardly closed. When I got closer I realized that her eye was closed, because there was a huge earwig crawling on it.

As I was typing this, I had a terrible thought. What if MOTHS eat EARWIGS? I'd better Google that now, just to make sure I'm not setting myself up for many-a-sleepless night. What a quandary that would be.
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((As a side note - stay away from yahoo answers. When I googled, "What do moths eat?" the answer I got was, "Your sweater." I'm 90% convinced that some idiot wrote that, but the other 10% is checking my sweaters for the missing moth.))


Stacey said...

What is the other 90% of you doing while the 10% is checking your sweaters? I'm a little confused and trying to imagine that one.

kathryn said...

you know what insects i hate this summer? grasshoppers. they are eating my garden, little buggers. i have noticed a lot of earwigs, too. damn insects. damn them all.

Wilson Family said...

Haha, you crack me up! But I definitely know what you're talking about... Iowa has so many bugs, and i AM a freak about all of them. The bane of my existence this summer are spiders. They are everywhere! Maybe it's all of the corn around here.

Good luck with that moth situation.

Kendal and Alissa said...

I had to google search to find your blog because I couldn't see your link on Jamie's. I loved looking at your are a great blogger. I need to take some lessons! I just end up posting pictures with a lame caption of who is in the picture! Email me and I will send you an invite to (I know it's a lame email I haven't changed since high school!)

Lizza said...

Love the hair. I'm so glad you blog. Your entries always make me laugh (or at least smile depending on how tired I am) and well written. I keep passing your house when I visit the folks and keep thinking "when am I going to visit Melissa?"

Snarr mama said...

I have also had a problem with earwigs. YUCK!!!! Hate 'em!