Monday, July 06, 2009

My 4th of Firsts

It was a wonderful weekend of family time, food, fireworks, and firsts.

I ran my fist 5K. And by 5K, I mean the one I mapped out the night before. No competition - no one to laugh at me - it was PERFECT. I even won.

I flew my first kite. Can you believe I'm almost 28, and have never flown a kite? Rob thought I was joking - but quickly realized I was being honest when he asked me to help him launch it. It took five minutes for me to understand what he meant by hold the kite on the sides and then let go when I say.

And finally, I hosted my first 4th of July party (okay - I had some family over). But we had lots and lots of yummy food, enjoyed a massive illegal fireworks display (on a neighbor's dime), played with water balloons, enjoyed good music and roasted smores in our new fire pit.

Hope you all had a fun filled fourth!


Jodi said...

Looks like a fun 4th indeed!! Good for you with the whole 5k thing - I would have run it with you...and I wouldn't have laughed at you AND you probably would have still won! Call me up next time!

Mrs. H said...

Looks like you had such a great time!!! It's weird seeing Johnny and Sierra there. :) And by "it's weird" I mean I miss them and I wish ALL of you lived closer!!!

Something Wilde said...

hey - what about Memorial Day at Veteran's Park...didn't we have kites?

Happy 4th!

Jamie said...

I love your blog! you are so cute! congrats on the 5k! And flying a kite is great! good thing we have kids to help us experience all the things we missed growing up ourselves! We definitely need to play ticket to ride when we get back!

mom said...

WOW am I sorry I missed it! YOU RAN A 5K??? Was someone chasing you??