Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When Does it End?

I wish that there was an opposite of the above picture. You know, like in the cartoons when the wimpy guy goes to show his muscles, but the skinny stick arm ends up bending under instead the muscle bubbling up? That's how I feel lately!

I broke the stove yesterday. Well, technically, I broke-it-more. For the past several months the burners have been going out. As of yesterday we had two reliable burners: one large, and one small. Last night while trying to get one of the supposedly reliable burners to turn back on, I got really mad, shoved the burner into the socket - and broke part of the stove. Guess we're down to one. {$}

For the past few weeks we've been noticing little puddles of water coming from under our fridge. I assumed it was from melting ice that had fallen from the ice maker. Wrong - the fridge is leaking from somewhere underneath. Not a big deal...UNTIL the water comes out so profusely that the entire kitchen floor is soaked. {$$}

Last week one of our tubs was draining slowly. Then one just stopped draining. I (being Rosie Riveter) read the DRAIN-O bottle, and it said that it worked on standing water; just pour in, and in a little while the standing water will will be gone. Nope. A few hours later when Rob got home from work, I showed him what I had done. At that point we were starting to notice a little bit of black stuff coming up from the drain along with a few small bubbles, so we let it sit. It wasn't until the next morning (when we remembered the DRAIN-O blunder) that we realized the black stuff coming out of the drain was actually the drain itself. The DRAIN-O had sat in there so long that it literally ate our drain. The worst part of all of this is that as I type this the DRAIN-O and water are still sitting in our tub. Rob's schedule has been so crazy that he hasn't had time to fix the problem yet. {$$$}
I thought the floating shampoo bottle was a nice touch. Guess we can add a new bottle of shampoo to the list as well. {$$$$}

To add serious insult to injury, after writing this post, I decided I was going to use a glass mason jar to bail out the tub. After about twenty minutes of dunk-dump-dunk-dump I was able to get a better look at the now ruined drain. It was closed. So I opened it - and watched the rest of the water go right down the drain. PLEASE tell me that wasn't the problem from the beginning!!


Snarr mama said...

Yowzers! Sounds like FUN! It seems like life is all or nothing, doesn't it?

becca said...

Things like that always come at once. Although the drain does seem to be something of an Anita/Melissa type blunder (if it was really just shut to begin with)- but in the very most loving way possible. Didn't one of your brothers forget the word for shorts and called them "like pants but only shorter?" Stuff like that's why we love the Kopps.

Jodi said...

Oh the joys of owning a home! There's always something to eat up your {$}

Wilson Family said...

Oh wow... What a nighmare! Sorry everything is happening at once... It seems like it always happens that way. Well, good luck! And keep up that positive attitude. You definitely had me chuckling (in an empathetic way). :)

Jamie said...

so sad! It definitely pours when it rains! Thanks for coming to the party! You are so beautiful

Jessica said...

Look on the bright side.....things happen in 3's. You got them all at once so you don't have to worry about what is coming next. I'm so sorry. This totally sucks. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Go get some Red will make everything better for a couple of minutes.