Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catch Up

Here's a quick look at what April and May has held for my family (including what's to come in the next two weeks):

Four day visit from my mom and sister
Rob out of town for nine days
Planning (and then pulling off) a dinner/talents show/fund raiser for 200 people
Baptism of my niece
Six softball games
My dad's wedding (which involved a 4 day trip to IL)
Six Young Women activities
Baptism of my nephew
Mother's Day
Two t-ball games
Our eight year anniversary
Planning (and attending) Youth Conference (a two day event for 20 teenagers)
Preschool Graduation
My nephew's mission farewell
My sister-in-law's mission call opening
Four-month shots
Four Young Women Camp meetings
A grade school carnival
A friend's wedding
Five Sunday morning church meetings
An on-going battle with potty-training  (It's only in-style some days, apparently)

So there it is...documented. When all is said and done (and by that I mean...sometime in June) I will finally post some of the "festivities" that spring has had to offer. We've had a lot of fun - it's just been busy.  I'm starting to realize WHY I can't seem to keep up with dishes, cleaning, ironing, and laundry for six! I laugh because I don't even have kids in full-time school. I can't imagine what all of YOU are going through!!

As a side note - it took me over two hours to finish this post due to the following distractions:  two diaper changes, one feeding, snack time, TWO "wipe my bum" calls from the bathroom, one laundry switch, one "You'd better get cleaning or I'll set the timer" squabble, getting three kids dressed (including the I don't want to wear that discussion), and three phone calls (one more that went unanswered).  Phew!  I think I'm ready for a nap.  Oh wait, it's now lunch time!  


Mandy said...

Whew! All I can say is . . . SUPER WOMAN!!! :) But seriously you're AMAZING - I got tired just reading/thinking about it. Miss all of you guys!

Deon said...

How do you do it all? I'm exhausted now. Seriously, I think you should go get yourself one of those Linda Carter Wonder Woman outfits and sport it around the house. You ARE Wonder Woman!

Stacey said...

Wow, they shouldn't put a young mom as YW President, that's all I can say. You handle it all very well.

Maria said...

Way to go! I'd don't know if I've ever had as busy a schedule as that, but when I'm feeling overwhelmed by young motherhood, I try to remember that someday, I'll be sitting in my rocker, working crossword puzzles, with the leisure to doze off whenever I feel like it. And then I'll probably be one of those sweet little ladies who reminds people in our stage of life just how blessed we are and how fast our children grow. Some days, though, I'd take the rocker and the cross word puzzle over the 'hum of life' around me. ;)

Jodi said...

Hang in there - it's almost June!
(this has been my mantra since March - it kind of helps...especially now that it really is almost June!)

mandi said...

AND you look beautiful doing it all.! How are you not in a looney bin right now? You are completely incredible!!

I know this won't be popular with Maddie, :) but if you ever need some free babysitting......I would seriously love to watch your kids anytime!!

mom said...

You're amazing. Your kids and husband will rise up and call you blessed! Future generations will have your example as a blueprint for their lives. (Not to add any pressure :)